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FUJIMOTO Toshihiko
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
Division of Developmental Research in Education Programs
Section of Humanities, Arts and Sciences
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Medicine
Disability Sciences
Functional Medical Science
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Associate Professor
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Research Fields
  • Sports science
  • Environmental physiology(includes sports medicine/nutritional physiology)(Environmental Physiology)
  • General physiology
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Research Subjects
  • Energy metabolism of muscle(1996-)
  • Muscle Fatigue(2004-)
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exercise, skeletal muscle, brain, Physical education
Academic Society Membership
  • ヨーロッパスポーツ科学会議(European College of Sport Science)
  • 日本体力医学会
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    Functional Neuroimaging in Exercise. In Functional Neuroimaging in Exercise and Sport Sciences.[(2012)]Tashiro M., Fujimoto T., Masud MM., Khondkar S., Watanuki S., Yanai K., Iitoh M., keizo Ishii1 K.

    理学療法MOOK16.[(2009)]藤本敏彦, 田代 学, 伊藤正敏

    臨床医へのためのクリニカルPET.[先端医療技術研究所,(2001)]藤本敏彦, 伊藤正敏, 田代 学, 北田耕司, 山口慶一郎, Mehedi Masud

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    Original Papers

    Whole-body metabolic map with positron emission tomography of a man after running..[THE LANCET,348(9022),(1996),266-]Fujimoto T, Itoh M, Kumano H, Tashiro M, Ido T

    Evaluation of individual skeletal muscle activity by glucose uptake during pedaling exercise at different workloads using positron emission tomography..[J. Appl. Physiol.,(2009)]Gondoh Y, Itoh M, Tashiro M, Masud M, Sensui H, Watanuki S, Ishii K, Takekura H, Nagatomi R, FujimotoT

    Skeletal muscle glucose uptake response to exercise in trained and untrained men..[Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,In Press,(2003)]Toshihiko Fujimoto, Jukka Kemppainen, Kari K. Kalliokoski, Pirjo Nuutila, Masatoshi Ito, Juhani Knuuti.

    Effect of exercise intensities on free fatty acid uptake in whole-body organs measured with 123I-BMIPP-SPECT..[Eur J Appl Physiol,(In press),(2008)]Kitada K, Kubota K, Nagatomi R, Itoh M, Tashiro M, Fukuda H, Masud M, Fujimoto T

    Glucose uptake by individual skeletal muscles during running using whole-body positron emission tomography..[European Journal of Applied Physiology,83(4-5),(2000),297-302]Fujimoto T, Itoh M, Tashiro M, Yamaguchi K, Kubota K, Ohmori H.

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    Review Papers

    非侵襲的手法による筋の糖・脂質代謝と運動.[体育の科学,52(6), (2002), 429-435]藤本敏彦,伊藤正敏

    PETスポーツ核医学.[PET通信, (2005)]藤本敏彦,伊藤正敏

    諸外国における臨床PETの現況.[核医学,38(2), (2001), 255-267]田代 学, 窪田和雄, 伊藤正敏, 藤本敏彦, 山口慶一郎, 佐々木英忠, Ernst MOSER

    FDG-PETを用いたActivation study.[PET通信,26, (1998), 5-7]田代 学, 藤本敏彦

    動作や運動の繰り返しによる脳内の変化.[バイオメカニクス研究,13(1), (2009)]藤本敏彦, 泉水宏臣

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF SPORT SCIENCE Young Investigators Award(1997)
    • 第60回日本体力医学会マスカット賞(奨励賞)(2005)
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    Activity of External Organization
    • 宮城県国体体力測定事業(2000)
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