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FURUKAWA Yoshihiro
Graduate School of Science
Earth Science
Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Science
Earth Science
Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Research Group of Natural Resources and Environmental Geochemistry

Associate Professor
Research Fields
  • Earth astrochemistry(Geochemistry and Astrochemistry)
  • Science of rocks/minerals/ore deposits(Mineralogy, Petrology and Economic Geology)
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Astrobiology, Origin of life, Early Earth, Amino acid, Meteorite, Impact
Academic Society Membership
  • Geochemical Society
  • ISSOL The International Astrobiology Society
  • Geochemical Society of Japan
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Original Papers

Nucleobase and amino acid formation through impacts of meteorites on the early ocean.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 429,(2015), 216-222] Furukawa Y., Nakazawa H., Sekine T., Kobayashi T., Kakegawa T.

Biomolecule formation by oceanic impacts on early Earth.[Nature Geoscience, 2,(2009), 62-66] Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Oba M., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.

Selective stabilization of ribose by borate.[Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 43,(2013), 353-361] Furukawa Y., Horiuchi M., Kakegawa T.

Impact-induced phyllosilicate formation from olivine and water.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75,(2011), 6461-6472] Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Kakegawa T., Nakazawa H.

Abiotic regioselective phosphorylation of adenosine with borate in formamide.[Astrobiology, 15,(2015), 259-267] Furukawa Y., Kim H., Hutter D., Benner S. A.

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Review Papers

Borate and the Origin of RNA: A Model for the Precursors to Life.[Elements, 13, (2017), 261-265] Furukawa Y., Kakegawa T.

核酸の起源.[細胞工学,35, (2016), 107-110]古川善博

初期地球における隕石衝突によるアミノ酸および核酸塩基の生成に関する研究.[地球化学, 50, (2016), 1-9] 古川善博

土星衛星エンセラダスのプリューム物質の化学・生命探査.[The Japan Society for Planetary Science Planetary People,21, (2012), 229-238] Sekine Y., Takano Y., Yano H., Funase R., Ishihara M., Shibuya T., Tachibana S., Kuramoto K., Yabuta H., Kimura J., Furukawa Y.

Formation of organic compounds by oceanic impacts of meteors on the early Earth.[The Japan Society for Planetary Science Planetary People, 18, (2009), 226-23] Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Oba M., Kakegawa T., Nakazawa H.

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • The Young Scientists' Prize, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(2017)
  • The Geochemical Society of Japan Award for Young Researchers(2014)
  • 青葉理学振興会賞(2009)
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