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  • Thin film and surface interface physical properties(Surface Physics)
  • Electron/electric material engineering(Semiconductor Process)
  • Applied physical properties/crystal engineering(Crystallography)
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Research Subjects
  • Surface reaction kinetics of chemical reactions on Si : crystal growth, etching and oxidation(1982-)
  • Crystal growth of diamond epitanial thin films(2000-)
  • In situ observation of crystal structure on Si surface at high temperature(1987-)
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surface dynamics, real-time monitoring, semiconductor process, diamond thin film, silicon oxide film, control of surface reaction, surface physics, synchrotron radiation
Academic Society Membership
  • 応用物理学会
  • 日本表面科学会
  • 日本真空協会
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Original Papers

Photoelectron intensity oscillation during chemical vapor deposition on Si(100) surface with Si2H6.[Applied Physics Letters,64(15),(1994),2013-2015]Y. Takakuwa, Y. Enta, T. Yamaguchi, T. Hori, M. Niwano, N. Miyamoto, H. Ishida, H. Sakamoto, T. Nishimori, H. Kato

Real-time Monitoring of the Growth and Decomposition of SiO2 Layers on Si(001) by Combined Method of RHEED and AES.[Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena,114-116,(2001),401-407]Y. Takakuwa, F. Ishida

Real-time monitoring of oxidation on the Ti(0001) surface by synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy and RHEED-AES.[Applied Surface Science,216,(2003),395-401]Y. Takakuwa, S. Ishida, A. Yoshigoe, Y. Teraoka, Y. Yamauchi, Y. Mizuno, H. Tonda, T. Homma

Thermal oxidation mechanism based on formation and diffusion of volatile SiO molecules.[Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids,179,(1994),345-353]Y. Takakuwa, M. Nihei, T. Horie, N. Miyamoto

Growth defect observation with pyramidal hillock and reduction by photoexcited hydrogen in Si CVD with SiH2Cl2.[Journal of the Electrochemical Society,141(9),(1994),2567-2572]Y. Takakuwa, M. K. Mazumder, N. Miyamoto

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