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Institute of Fluid Science
Nanoscale Flow Research Division
Molecular Heat Transfer Laboratory
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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Finemechanics

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Ph. D. in Engineering
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Research Fields
  • Thermal engineering(Thermal Engineering)
  • Fluidics(Fluid Mechanics)
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Research Subjects
  • Molecular Process of Energy Transfer in Fluids(1998-)
  • Molecular design of thermofluid(2013-)
  • Liquid Film Flow in Coating and Lubrication(2001-)
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Nano-scale,Fluid,Energy,Molecular Dynamics
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本機械学会
  • 日本伝熱学会
  • 日本熱物性学会
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    Heat and Fluid Flow in Microscale and Nanoscale Structures.[WIT Press,(2004)]Taku Ohara

    マイクロ・ナノ熱流体ハンドブック.[NTS pub.,(2006)]Taku Ohara

    Handbook of Mechanical Engineering, Vol. A5, Thermal Engineering.[Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineering,(2006)]Taku Ohara

    Nano-mega scale flow dynamics in highly coupled systems.[Tohoku University Press,(2008)]Taku Ohara, Daichi Torii

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    Original Papers

    The Film Formation Dynamics in Spin Coating.[Physics of Fluids A,1(12),(1989),1949-1959]Taku Ohara, Hideo Ohashi, Yoichiro Matsumoto

    Thin-Film Formation on a Rotating Disk.[Trans. of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,57(543),(1991)]OHARA Taku, et al.

    Molecular dynamics study of thermal phenomena in an ultra-thin liquid film sheared between solid surfaces: The influence of the crystal plane on energy and momentum transfer at solid-liquid interfaces.[Journal of Chemical Physics,122(21),(2005),214717-]Taku Ohara, Daichi Torii

    Intermolecular Energy Transfer in Liquid Water and Its Contribution to Heat Conduction : A Molecular Dynamics Study.[Journal of Chemical Physics,111(14),(1999),6492-6500]OHARA Taku

    Contribution of Intermolecular Energy Transfer to Heat Conduction in a Simple Liquid..[Journal of Chemical Physics,111(21),(1999),9667-]OHARA Taku

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    Review Papers

    Molecular dynamics study in microscale thermophysical engineering: Current activities and future in Japan.[Taylor and Francis Microscale Thermophysical Engineering,4, (2000), 213-221]Taku Ohara

    Thinking about "quality" of heat conduction flux.[Thermophysical Properties,19(3), (2005), 181-184]Taku Ohara

    Molecular Dynamics in Thermofluid Engineering.[日本数値流体力学会 日本数値流体力学会誌,10, (2002), 41-46]Takashi Tokumasu,Taku Ohara

    Structure of liquids and solid-liquid/gas-liquid interfaces and transport characteristics.[Fluid Power System,38(5), (2007), 233-238]Taku Ohara and Gota Kikugawa

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • Academic Achievement Award, Heat Transfer Society of Japan(2013)
    • Best Paper Award, Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties(2011)
    • 日本機械学会熱工学部門賞(業績賞)(2011)
    • Best Paper Award, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers(2009)
    • 日本伝熱学会学術賞(2004)
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