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KIMURA Kunihiro
Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Human Studies
Behavioral Science
Behavioral Science
Academic Degree
Research Fields
  • Sociology
  • Social psychology(Social Psychology)
  • Statistical science(Statistical Science)
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Research Subjects
  • Mathematical Sociology(1985)
  • Social Dilemmas and Conflict(1985)
  • Social Stratification and Social Attitudes(1985)
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rational choice theory, gender ideology, model construction
Academic Society Membership
  • Behaviometric Society of Japan
  • Japanese Society of Social Psychology
  • International Sociological Association
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • Behaviometric Society of Japan, Director(2006-2009)
  • Research Committee on Rational Choice, International Sociological Association, Board Member(1998-2002)
  • Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology, Director (for Research Activities)(1997-1999)
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The Large Number Dilemma: Mathematics of Collective Action and the Group Size.[(2002)]Kunihiro Kimura

Critical Thinking of Everyday Life: A Sociological Approach.[Kawade Shobo Shinsha,(2006)]Kunihiro Kimura

Thinking Sociologically.[Minerva,(1991)]Jun'ichi Kobayashi, Kunihiro Kimura (eds.)

Looking Society from the Mathematical Perspective.[Nakanishiya,(1997)]Jun'ichi Kobayashi, Kunihiro Kimura

Formation of HighSchool Students' Social Attitudes and Skills in the Transition Era.[Work Group for Education and Culture, Tohoku University,(2014)]Kunihiro Kimura, ed.

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Original Papers

Education, Employment and Gender Ideology.[Gender and Career in Japan, edited by Atsuko Suzuki (Trans Pacific Press),(2007),84-109]Kunihiro Kimura

Being Unmarried under Sex Discrimination and Inequality within the Sexes : A Simple Model.[Sociological Theory and Methods,15(2),(2000),375-382]Kunihiro Kimura

A Micro-Macro Linkage in the Measurement of Inequality : Another Look at the Gini Coefficient.[Quality & Quantity,28(1),(1994),83-97]Kunihiro Kimura

Perception of Pollution as a Social Dilemma.[Journal of Mathematical Sociology,18(1),(1993),81-91]Kunihiro Kimura

Large Groups and a Tendency Towards Failure : A Critique of M. Olson's Model of Collective Action..[Journal of Mathematical Sociology,14(4),(1989),263-271]Kunihiro Kimura

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Review Papers

Introduction to the Special Section: Quantitative Studies in Gender and Sexual Division of Labor.[Sociological Theory and Methods,14(1), (1999), 1-4]Hiroshi Ishida, Kunihiro Kimura

Letters: Fragments on the Words in Social Surveys.[Sociological Theory and Methods,7(2), (1992), 123-124]Kunihiro Kimura

Social Differentiation and the Gini Coefficient.[Maruzen Encyclopedia of the Application of Sociological Theory, (2017), 454-455]Kunihiro Kimura

Intellectual Flexibility in Comparative Perspective.[Tohoku University Press Inportant Concepts in Understanding Culture, edited by Lecture and Publication Planning Committee in Graduate School of Arts and Letters at Tohoku University, (2015), 69-105]Kunihiro Kimura

A Paradox in Political Protests.[Science-sha Mathematical Science,(420), (1998), 69-74]Kunihiro Kimura

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