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MUTO Izumi
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Science
Materials Electrochemistry
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Doctor of Engineering
Master of Engineering
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    Research Subjects
    • Corrosion Prevention and Service Life Prediction(2005-)
    • Control of Nonuniformity on Material Surfaces(2005-)
    • Chemical Conversion Coating(2005-)
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    Corrosion Science and Engineering, Chemical Conversion Coating, Electrochemical Surface Processing
    Academic Society Membership
    • The Electrochemical Society
    • Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering
    • The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
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      Design Manual of Light-Weight Stainless Steel Structures.[Stainless Steel Building Association of Japan,(2005)]薄板構造設計基準作成委員会(編)

      Alloying Elements for Steels.[The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan,(2015)]Izumi Muto

      第5版 鉄鋼便覧.[(一社)日本鉄鋼協会,(2014)]武藤 泉

      第6版 電気化学便覧.[丸善出版,(2013)]前川英己,武藤 泉,河村純一

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      Original Papers

      A Microelectrochemical System for In Situ High-Resolution Optical Microscopy: Morphological Characteristics of Pitting at MnS Inclusion in Stainless Steel.[Journal of The Electrochemical Society,159(8),(2012),C341-C350]Aya Chiba, Izumi Muto, Yu Sugawara, Nobuyoshi Hara

      Visualization of pH and pCl Distributions: Initiation and Propagation Criteria for Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steel.[Journal of The Electrochemical Society,159(7),(2012),C289-C297]Takefumi Kaji, Toshiya Sekiai, Izumi Muto, Yu Sugawara, Nobuyoshi Hara

      Microelectrochemical Investigation of Anodic Polarization Behavior of CrS Inclusions in Stainless Steels.[JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY,156(11),(2009),C395-C399]Izumi Muto, Shimpei Kurokawa, Nobuyoshi Hara

      Microelectrochemical measurements of dissolution of MnS inclusions and morphological observation of metastable and stable pitting on stainless steel.[JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY,154(8),(2007),C439-C444]Izumi Muto, Yuta Izumiyama, Nobuyoshi Hara

      Microelectrochemical investigation on pit initiation at sulfide and oxide inclusions in type 304 stainless steel.[Journal of the Electrochemical Society,156(2),(2009),C55-C61]Izumi Muto, Daiki Ito, Nobuyoshi Hara

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      Review Papers

      Performance Upgrade against Environmental Degradation of Metals and Super Stainless Steels.[NTS Expected Materials for the Future,5(2), (2005), 34-40]Izumi Muto, Tooru Matsuhashi, Akihiko Takahashi

      Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Its Evaluation Method.[Science Books Publishing Co. Maintenance,(201), (1997), 17-22]Izumi Muto

      Pitting and Corrosion Damage Induced by Inclusions.[The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan Bulletin of The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (Ferrum),17(7), (2012), 487-492]Izumi Muto, Aya Chiba, Yu Sugawara, Nobuyoshi Hara

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