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Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment
Solar and Terrestrial Systems and Energy Sciences
Resource Processing and Recovery Engineering
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Research Fields
  • Metallic production engineering
  • Structural/functional materials
  • Material processing/treatment
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High temperature physical chemistry, Porous materials
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    Original Papers

    Lowering Reduction Temperature of Iron Ore and Carbon Composite by Using Ores with High Combined Water content.[ISIJ International,49,(2009),1686-1693]Taichi Murakami, Takeshi Nishimura, Eiki Kasai

    Development of a New Method for Manufacturing Iron Foam Using Gases Generated by Reduction of Iron Oxide.[Materials Transactions,48(11),(2007),2937-2944]T. Murakami, K. Ohara, T. Narushima, C. Ouchi

    Reduction Mechanism of Iron Oxide-Carbon Composite with Polyethylene at Lower Temperature.[ISIJ International,51(1),(2011),9-13]Taichi Murakami, Eiki Kasai

    Effect of Cr2O3 and WO3 Addition on Pore Formation and Microstructure in Iron Foam.[ISIJ International,50(1),(2010),307-313]Taichi Murakami, Go Omameuda, Eiki Kasai

    Formation of Hexachlorobenzene from Dusts of Electric Arc Furnace in Steelmaking: Effect of Temperature and Dust Composition.[Environmental Science and Technology,42(19),(2008),7459-7463]Taichi Murakami, Mizuki Shimura, Eiki Kasai

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