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MIWA Kouji
Graduate School of Science
Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
Experimental Nuclear Physics
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        Search for the Θ+ via the K+p --> π+X reaction with a 1.2GeV/c K+ beam.[Physical Review C,77(045203),(2008),045203-1-045203-10]K.Miwa, S. Dairaku, D. Nakajima and K. Imai et al.

        Search for the θ+ via π- p → K- X reaction near production threshold.[Physics Letters B,(635),(2006),72-79]K. Miwa, C.J. Yoon, K. Imai et al.

        Search for the H-dibaryon reasonance in 12C(K-,K+ΛΛX).[Physical Review C,(75),(2007),022201-1-022201-5]C.J. Yoon , K. Miwa, K. Imai et al.

        High-resolution γ-ray spectroscopy of hyperfragments produced by stopped K- reactions.[Nuclear Physics A,(754),(2005),80-85]K. Miwa, K. Tanida, H. Tamura et al.

        Active Target System with MPPC Readout for Hyperon-Proton Scattering Experiment.[Proceedings of the International Workshop on New Photon Detectors PD09,(2010)]K.Miwa, R.Honda, K.Hosomi, T.Koike, Y.Ma, T.Otani, M.Sato, K.Shirotori, H.Tamura, T.Yamamoto, Y.Yonemoto

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        • 第6回(2012年) 日本物理学会若手奨励賞(2012)
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