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SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of Applied Linguistics
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    • Developing a second language teaching curriculum which guarantees speaking cometency acquisition(2015-)
    • Learner-centered Language Education in Higher Education(1985-)
    • Latino communities in the U.S. and Local Politics(2006-)
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    Language_education Puerto_Rico Spanish_language American_Studies
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      Latin American Diaspora.[Akashi Shoten Publisher,(2010)]Shigaki Mitsuhiro, Miyake Yoshiko

      Modern History of Latin America III.[Yamakawa Shuppan,(2006)]Futamura Hisanori, Noda Takashi, Ushida Chizuru, Shigaki Mitsuhiro

      An Invitation to Latin American Studies. Revised edition..[Shin-hyoron,(2005)]Nakagawa Fumio and Kunimoto Iyo, editor, Shigaki Mitsuhiro, et al.

      People and their Lives in Latin America.[(2001)]Osonoi Shigeo, Shigaki Mitsuhiro, Tajima Hisatoshi, Tanaka Takashi editors

      World History, New Series 25, History of Latin America I.[yamakawa Shuppan,(1999)]Masuda Yoshio and Yamada Mutsuo, editors, Shigaki Mitsuhiro, et al.

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      Original Papers

      Constructing a language learning environment which assures the acquisition of speaking competency: A report from Spanish language classes.[CAHE Journal of Higher Education,(3),(2017),89-100]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro, MIYAKE Yoshiko, Angélica Yee Chig, Cecilia Silva, TABAYASHI Youichi

      College education of languages other than English for today's society: A case in Spanish language teaching.[Annual Report 2016 Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University,(2017),91-99]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

      Why we should assure the acquisition of speaking competency in language education? Some considerations from the experiments and achievements in Spanish language teaching.[Annual Report 2015 Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University,(2016),89-97]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

      College education of languages other than Englih at a crossroads: Disappearance of Meiji-era model and a prospect for a new model.[Annual Report 2013 Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University,(2014),107-122]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

      A proposal for designing learning spaces at universities.[CAHE Journal of Higher Education,(9),(2014),129-138]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

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