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SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of Applied Linguistics
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    • Developing a second language teaching curriculum which guarantees speaking cometency acquisition(2015-)
    • Learner-centered Language Education in Higher Education(1985-)
    • Latino communities in the U.S. and Local Politics(2006-)
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    Language_education Puerto_Rico Spanish_language American_Studies
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      Latin American Diaspora.[Akashi Shoten Publisher,(2010)]Shigaki Mitsuhiro, Miyake Yoshiko

      Modern History of Latin America III.[Yamakawa Shuppan,(2006)]Futamura Hisanori, Noda Takashi, Ushida Chizuru, Shigaki Mitsuhiro

      An Invitation to Latin American Studies. Revised edition..[Shin-hyoron,(2005)]Nakagawa Fumio and Kunimoto Iyo, editor, Shigaki Mitsuhiro, et al.

      People and their Lives in Latin America.[(2001)]Osonoi Shigeo, Shigaki Mitsuhiro, Tajima Hisatoshi, Tanaka Takashi editors

      World History, New Series 25, History of Latin America I.[yamakawa Shuppan,(1999)]Masuda Yoshio and Yamada Mutsuo, editors, Shigaki Mitsuhiro, et al.

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      Original Papers

      Securing Sufficient Study Hours outside of Class at Japanese Universities: A Report of Practices in Spanish Language Courses at Tohoku University.[Bulletin of the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Tohoku University,(4),(2018),507-517]Shigaki Mitsuhiro, Miyake Yoshiko

      College education of languages other than English for today's society: A case in Spanish language teaching.[Annual Report 2016 Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University,(2017),91-99]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

      Constructing a language learning environment which assures the acquisition of speaking competency: A report from Spanish language classes.[CAHE Journal of Higher Education,(3),(2017),89-100]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro, MIYAKE Yoshiko, Angélica Yee Chig, Cecilia Silva, TABAYASHI Youichi

      Why we should assure the acquisition of speaking competency in language education? Some considerations from the experiments and achievements in Spanish language teaching.[Annual Report 2015 Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University,(2016),89-97]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

      College education of languages other than Englih at a crossroads: Disappearance of Meiji-era model and a prospect for a new model.[Annual Report 2013 Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tohoku University,(2014),107-122]SHIGAKI Mitsuhiro

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