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IZUMI Masanori
Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Creative Interdisciplinary Research Division
Life and Environment
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Life Science
Department of Applied Plant Science
Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Function

Assistant Professor
Research Fields
  • Plant physiology/molecule
  • Plant nutrient science/soil studies
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Academic Society Membership
  • 日本植物生理学会
  • 日本土壌肥料学会
  • 日本宇宙生物科学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • American Society of Plant Biologists, Plant Physiology ASSISTANT FEATURES EDITORS(2018-)
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Original Papers

Entire Photodamaged Chloroplasts Are Transported to the Central Vacuole by Autophagy..[Plant Cell,29(2),(2017),377-394]Izumi, Masanori Ishida, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Sakuya Hidema, Jun

Establishment of monitoring methods for autophagy in rice reveals autophagic recycling of chloroplasts and root plastids during energy limitation..[Plant Physiol,167,(2015),1307-1320]Izumi, Masanori Hidema, Jun Wada, Shinya Kondo, Eri Kurusu, Takamitsu Kuchitsu, Kazuyuki Makino, Amane Ishida, Hiroyuki

Autophagy contributes to nighttime energy availability for growth in Arabidopsis..[Plant Physiol,161(4),(2013),1682-1693]Izumi, Masanori Hidema, Jun Makino, Amane Ishida, Hiroyuki

The autophagic degradation of chloroplasts via rubisco-containing bodies is specifically linked to leaf carbon status but not nitrogen status in Arabidopsis..[Plant Physiol,154(3),(2010),1196-1209]Izumi, Masanori Wada, Shinya Makino, Amane Ishida, Hiroyuki

RBCS1A and RBCS3B, two major members within the Arabidopsis RBCS multigene family, function to yield sufficient Rubisco content for leaf photosynthetic capacity..[J Exp Bot,63(5),(2012),2159-2170]Izumi, Masanori Tsunoda, Honami Suzuki, Yuji Makino, Amane Ishida, Hiroyuki

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Review Papers

葉緑体のオートファジーと応用.[(株)シーエムシー出版 月刊バイオインダストリー, (2017)]泉 正範

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • Best Poster Award of Gordon Research Conference on Chloroplast Biotechnology(2015)
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