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AOKI Hideyuki
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Energy Process Engineering
Research Fields
  • Thermal engineering(Combustion Engineering)
  • Chemical engineering materials properties/transfer operation/unit operation(Transport Phenomena)
  • Chemical engineering materials properties/transfer operation/unit operation(Measurement of Thermophysical Properties)
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Research Subjects
  • Analysis of Transport Phenomena in the Coke Oven Chamber during Carbonization.(1992-)
  • Modeling od Ash Deposition and Development of Simulation Software in Coal Gasification Process(2002-)
  • Development of Electric Utility Load Leveling System using Hydrogen Absorbing Alloys(2000-)
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chemical engineering, combustion, thermal engineering
Academic Society Membership
  • 化学工学会
  • 日本鉄鋼協会
  • 日本エネルギー学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本伝熱学会, 理事(2008-2010)
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Energy Conservation: New Research.[NOVA Science Publishers Inc.,(2009)]Hirotatsu Watanabe, Yohsuke Matsushita, Hideyuki Aoki, Takatoshi Miura

Structure and Thermoplasticity of Coal.[NOVA Science Publishers, Inc.,(2005)]Ikuo Komaki, Shozo Itagaki, Takatoshi Miura, Hideyuki Aoki


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Original Papers

Coke Strength Estimation considering the Micro- and Macrostructure.[Journal of Japan Institute of Energy,87(5),(2008),366-373]Hideyuki Aoki

Numerical investigation of Waste Plastic Injection in a Blast Furnace.[Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan,41(3),(2008),182-193]Akinori Goto, Yoshio Morozumi, Hideo Hagiya, Hideyuki Aoki, Takatoshi Miura

An investigation of primary particle growth and aggregate formation of soot using a numerical model considering the sintering of primary particles.[Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu,33(4),(2007),306-314]Fumihiko Shishido, Hiroshi Hashiguchi, Yohsuke Matsushita, Hideyuki Aoki, Takatoshi Miura

Degradation by Water Vapor of MmNi5-Based Hydrogen-Absorbing Alloys with Different Compositions.[Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu,33(6),(2007),606-614]Yutaka Sangu, Toshiyuki Hirosawa, Satoshi Kikuchi, Yohsuke Matsushita, Yoshio Morozumi, Hideyuki Aoki, Takatoshi Miura, Yoshiaki Kawakami

Spray combustion simulation including soot and NO formation.[Energy Conversion and Management,48,(2007),2077-2089]Hirotatsu Watanabe, Yoshikazu Suwa, Yohsuke Matsushita, Yoshio Morozumi, Hideyuki Aoki, Shoji Tanno, Takatoshi Miura

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Review Papers

Numerical Simulation of Solid Fuels Combustion.[The Combustion Society of Japan Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan,44(127), (2002), 33-40]Hideyuki Aoki, Akira Suzuki, Takatoshi Miura

Simulation of Aggregation in Carbon Black Formation.[The Japan Aromatic Industry Association Inc. THE AROMATICS,53(3, 4), (2001), 67-74]林愼治,青木秀之,三浦隆利

Modeling and Simulation on Spray Combustion.[The Combustion Society of Japan Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan,(123), (2001), 1-18]Hideyuki Aoki, Tomohiko Furuhata, Takatoshi Miura

Combustion Engineering and Thermophysical Properties on Combustion.[Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties Netsu Bussei,9(1), (1995), 30-35]Hideyuki Aoki and Takatoshi Miura

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本鉄鋼協会学術記念賞 西山記念賞(2013)
  • 日本エネルギー学会進歩賞(2009)
  • 仙台市産学連携功労者表彰(2008)
  • 化学工学会2007年度優秀論文賞(2008)
  • 日本機械学会第76期熱工学部門講演論文表彰(1999)
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Activity of External Organization
  • (財)石油産業活性化センター民生産業用燃料利用技術小委員会(2007-2010)
  • 褐炭からの高性能粘結炭製造に関する技術調査委員会(2006-2008)
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