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Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
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Department of European and American Studies
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  • European language literature
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Research Subjects
  • the original staging of English Renaissance plays(1980-)
  • Early modern stage directions(1980-)
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play-texts, stage, stage directions, staging
Academic Society Membership
  • Shakespeare Society of Japan
  • International Shakespeare Association
  • International Shakespeare Conference
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • British Shakespeare Association, Reader(2006)
  • Shakespeare Society of Japan, a member of the executive committee(2009-2013)
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The Shakespearean Stage Space.[Cambridge University Press,(2013)]Mariko Ichikawa

Shakespearean Entrances.[Palgrave Macmillan,(2002)]Mariko Ichikawa

Staging in Shakespeare's Theatres.[Oxford University Press,(2000)]Andrew Gurr and Mariko Ichikawa

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Original Papers

'The Tire-house doore and Tapistrie betweene': What Is the Location in This Phrase?.[Shakespeare Studies,57,(2019),1-18]Mariko Ichikawa

Were Property Booths Used in the First Performance of Jonson's Bartholomew Fair?.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,71,(2017),72-93]Mariko Ichikawa

Stage Directions and the Stage Space.[The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, 2 vols (Cambridge University Press),I,(2016),128-134]Mariko Ichikawa

“What story is that painted vpon the cloth?”: Some Descriptions of Hangings and their Use on the Early Modern Stage.[Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre,70,(2016),2-31]Mariko Ichikawa

Continuities and Innovations in Staging.[Moving Shakespeare Indoors (Cambridge University Press),(2014),79-94]Mariko Ichikawa

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Review Papers

In Quest of the Meanings of "Ente"' and "Exit"/"Exeunt".[Shakespeare Society of Japan Shakespeare News,41(3), (2002), 28-30]Mariko Ichikawa

The 'Onstage' and 'Offstage' Spaces on the Shakespearean Stage.[Shakespeare Society of Japan Shakespeare News,39(3), (2000), 18]Mariko Ichikawa

The Design of the Third Globe.[Kenkyusha The Rising Generation,138(10), (1993), 519]Mariko Ichikawa

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 福原賞(1993)
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