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Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Life Science
Research Fields
  • Plant pathology(Plant Pathology)
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Research Subjects
  • Study on Plant-microbe interaction at the molecular level(1987-)
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Academic Society Membership
  • 日本植物病理学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本植物病理学会, 幹事(1996-)(1996-1999)
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Original Papers

RCY1, an Arabidopsis thaliana RPP8/HRT Family Resistance Gene, Conferring Resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus Requires Salicylic acid, Ethylene and a Novel Signal Transduction Mechanism.[Plant Journal,32,(2002),655-668]Takahashi, H*., Miller, J., Nozaki, Y., Sukamto, Takeda, M., Shah, J., Hase, S., Ikegami, M., Ehara,Y. and Dinesh-Kumar, S. P.

Mapping the virus and host genes involved in the resistance response in cucumber mosaic virus-infected Arabidopsis thaliana.[Plant Cell Physiology,42(3),(2001),340-347]Takahashi, H*., Suzuki, M., Natsuaki, K., Shigyo, T., Hino, K., Teraoka, T., Hosokawa, D. and Ehara, Y.

Antagonistic interactions between the SA- and JA- signaling pathways in Arabidopsis modulate expression of defense genes and gene-for-gene resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus.[Plant Cell Physiology,45(6),(2004),803-809]Takahashi, H.*, Kanayama, Y., Zheng, M. S., Kusano, T., Hase, S., Ikegami, M. and Shah, S.

The enhanced resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus in the Arabidopsis thaliana stearoyl-ACP desaturase-deficient ssi2 mutant is mediated by an SA-independent, but EDS5-dependent signaling mechanism.[Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction,17,(2004),623-632]Sekine, K.-T., Nandi, A., Ishihara, T., Hase, S., Ikegami, M., Shah, S. and Takahashi, H.*

Comparative analysis of expressed sequence tags in resistant and susceptible ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana infected with Cucumber mosaic virus.[Plant Cell Physiology,45(4),(2004),170-180]Ishihara, T., Sakurai, N., Sekine, K.-T., Hase, S., Ikegami, M., Shibata, D. and Takahashi, H.*

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Review Papers

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本植物病理学会賞(2008)
  • 学術奨励賞(日本植物病理学会)(1994)
  • 日本植物病理学会論文賞(2007)
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