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URABE Jotaro
Graduate School of Life Sciences
Department of Ecological Developmental Adaptability Life Sciences
Division of Ecologiacl Dynamics
Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology Laboratory
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      Community Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Lakes, Plankton, Biological stoichiometry, biodiversity, nutrient cycling
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      • Ecological Society of Japan
      • Americal Society of Limnology and Oceanography
      • The Japanese Society of Limnology
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        Original Papers

        Mitigation of adverse effects of rising CO2 on a planktonic herbivore by mixed algal diets..[Global Change Biology,15(2),(2009),523-531]J. Urabe, N. Waki

        watershed determinants of carbon dioxide in the surface water: a comparative analysis for a variety of lakes in Japanese Islands..[Limnology and Oceanography,56,(2010),49-60]J. Urabe, T. Iwata, Y. Yagami, E. Kato, T. Suzuki, S. Hino, S. Ban

        Sedimentary records of reduction in resting egg production of Daphnia galeata in Lake Biwa during the 20th century: a possible effect of winter warming.[Journal of Paleolimnology,42(2),(2009),155-165]N. K. Tsugeki, S. Ishida J. Urabe

        Regulation of phosphorus stoichiometry and growth rate of consumers: theoretical and experimental analyses with Daphnia..[Oecologia,155,(2008),21-31]Shimizu, Y. Urabe, J.

        Scale-dependent carbon:nitrogen:phosphorus seston stoichiometry in marine and freshwaters..[Limnology and Oceanography,53,(2008),1169-1180]Sterner,R. W., T. Andersen, J. J. Elser, D. O. Hessen, J. M. Hood, E. McCauley, J. Urabe

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        Review Papers

        古陸水学的手法による湖沼生態系の近過去復元とモニタリング.[エヌ・ティ・エス 生物の科学 遺伝,63, (2009), 66-72]槻木(加)玲美, 占部城太郎

        炭素代謝からみた湖沼生態系の機能.[共立出版 地球環境と生態系:陸域生態系の化学., (2006), 156-186]占部城太郎, 吉岡崇仁

        The need for large-scale field manipulation experiments and its implications in ecology.[日本生態学会 日本生態学会誌,55, (2005), 494-496-]占部城太郎, 田中健太

        プランクトン群集の栄養動態と環境変化の化学量効果.[日本プランクトン学会誌,50, (2003), 91-98]占部城太郎

        シンバイオトロンで探る環境と生物の相互作用..[クバプロ 第17回「大学と科学」公開シンポジウム 生物多様性の世界:ヒトと自然の共生というパラダイムを目指して, (2003), 74-85]占部城太郎

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