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OKA Hiroki
Center for Northeast Asian Studies
Department of Basic Studies
Division of Mongolian and Central Asian Studies
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Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment
Culture of Northeast Asia
Regional Study on Inner Asia

Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University
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Research Fields
  • History of the Orient(History of Mongols)
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Research Subjects
  • Historical study on the environmental change and nomadic society(1999-)
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Mongol, Qing dynasty, social structure
Academic Society Membership
  • 史学会
  • 内陸アジア史学会
  • 東方学会
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Study on League-Banner System of Qing era Mongolia.[東方書店,(2007)]Hiroki Oka

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Original Papers

The Realization of Čiγulγan Qosiγu system in Qalq-a Mongolia : with special reference to the pastureland of Qosiγu and Čiγulzan.[SHIGAKU ZASSHI,97(2),(1988),1-32]岡洋樹

The Role of Sangǰayidorǰi under the Ch'ing Strengthening the Rulever the Qalq-a Mangolia during the Middle Years of Ch'ienlung.[THE TOYO GAKUHO. THE JOURNAL OF THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT OF THE TOYO BUNKO,69(3-4),(1988),173-194]岡洋樹

Lieutenant General of Uliyasutai Čenggunǰab and his standpoint under Ch'ing Rule in khalkha Mongolia.[BULLETIN OF THE GRADUATE DIVISION OF LITERATURE OF WASEDA UNIVERSITY,(13),(1987),167-180]Hiroki Oka

On Some Aspects of Pürbüǰab's"Instructions".[THE NAIRIKU AJIASHI KENKYU(Inner Asian Studies),12,(1997),23-45]Hiroki Oka

A Case Study of the Administration of Jasag Banner in Qing Era Mongolia - The Middle-Last Banner of Qalq-a Secen qan Ayimar.[Shukan Toyogaku(Chinese and Oriental Studies),(81),(1999)]Hiroki Oka

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