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UDO Keiko
International Research Institute of Disaster Science
Hazard and Risk Evaluation Research Division
Environmental Change Risk
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      sediment transport, aeolian sand, beach erosion, climate change, remote sensing
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          Original Papers

          Projections of future beach loss in Japan due to sea-level rise and uncertainties in projected beach loss.[Coastal Engineering Journal (CEJ),59(2),(2017),1740006-1-1740006-16]Keiko Udo, Yuriko Takeda

          Framework for proper beach nourishment as adaptation to beach erosion due to sea level rise.[Journal of Coastal Research,SI 66,(2014),in press-]Yoshida, J., K. Udo, Y. Takeda, and A. Mano

          Impact of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on beach morphology along the Northern Sendai Coast.[Coastal Engineering Journal,54(1),(2012),1250009-1-1250009-15]Udo, K., D. Sugawara, H. Tanaka, K. Imai, and A. Mano

          Observations of wind-blown sand under various meteorological conditions at a beach.[Journal of Geophysical Research,113,(2008),F04008-]Udo, K., Y. Kuriyama, and D.W.T. Jackson

          Experimental study on blown sand around vegetation area.[Journal of Coastal Research,23,(2007),1175-1182]Udo, K. and S. Takewaka

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