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  • Sociology
  • General life science
  • Statistical science
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  • Unscientific knowledge and the egg aging panic(2017-2020)
  • National Family Research of Japan(1998-)
  • Family Change in an Aging Society with Low Fertility: Micro Data Approach(2008-2013)
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gender, stratification, family, social survey, social statistics, quantitative sociology
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  • International Association for Feminist Economics
  • International Federation for Home Economics
  • International Association for Time Use Research
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  • Japanese Society of Family Sociology, Database Committee(2001-2002)
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A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families: Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century.[Tohoku University Press,(2013)]TANAKA Sigeto

Employment, Social Security and Gender (Tohoku University COE Book Series, Volume 9).[Tohoku University Press,(2007)]Edited by DAKE Sayaka, TANAKA Sigeto; Supervised by TSUJIMURA Miyoko

Reconciling Work and Family: issues and policies in Japan (Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 5).[International Labour Office,(2003)]Abe Masahiro, Hamamoto Chizuka, Tanaka Sigeto

An Analysis of the Sexual Division of Labor: Current Realities and Prospects for Change.[Kwansei Gakuin University Press,(2000)]Tanaka Sigeto

The report of the Suita survey of communities and networks.[Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University,(2001)]Kawabata Akira, Tanaka Sigeto

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Original Papers

Another Science War: Fictitious Evidence on Women's Fertility and the “Egg Aging” Panic in 2010s Japan.[Advances in Gender Research,24,(2017),67-92]Tanaka Sigeto

Gender gap in equivalent household income after divorce.[A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families: Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century,(2013),321-350]TANAKA Sigeto

Works Citing Bendel and Hua on Natural Fecundability: a literature review on the origin of a falsified chart used in high school education in Japan.[Annual Reports of Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University,66,(2017),142-128]TANAKA Sigeto

The Family and Women's Economic Disadvantage: A Micro-macro Problem for Distributive Justice.[Gender Equality in Multicultural Societies,(2010),215-234]TANAKA Sigeto

Principal Earner and Accommodator in Household: An illustration of gender stratification process in contemporary Japan.[Gender Law and Policy Annual Review,1,(2004),25-48]Tanaka Sigeto

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Review Papers

感染症対策「日本モデル」を検証する : その隠された恣意性 (特集 転換点としてのコロナ危機).[Sekai,(934), (2020), 97-104]TANAKA Sigeto

Professional Responsibility for Spreading Unscientific Knowledge: The case of the "Ease of Conception" Graph in a Supplementary High School Textbook.[Japan Science Support Foundation Trends in the Sciences,22(8), (2017), 18-23]Tanaka Sigeto

NFRJ (National Family Research of Japan) reports: NFRJ08 sampling and survey implementation.[Kazoku syakaigaku kenkyu,21(2), (2009), 208-213]TANAKA Shizeto

Book Review: Nobutaka Fukuda. Marriage and Fertility Behaviour in Japan: Economic Status and Value-Orientation.[家族社会学研究,29(1), (2017), 97-98]TANAKA Sigeto

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