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SATO Sekiko
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
Division of Developmental Research in Education Programs
Section of Culture and Language
Assigned Class
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of Global Japanese Studies

Academic Degree
Master of Arts
Research Fields
  • History of thought(Japanese Intellectual History)
  • Japanese literature(Japanese Literature)
  • Japanese education(Japanese Language Education)
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Research Subjects
  • Buddhist Thought in the Literature in the Heian Era(1977-)
  • Development of Materials for Academic Japanese Language Teaching(1997-)
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The Tale of Genji, Buddhist Thought, Japanese for Academic Purposes, Classical Japanese language Education
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本思想史学会
  • 日本文学協会
  • 日本語教育学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本文芸研究会, 代表委員(2016-)
  • 専門日本語教育学会・編集委員会, 編集幹事(2015-)
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The Thought of Sukuse (Karma) --Women in the Tale of Genji.[ぺりかん社,(1995)]Sekiko SATO

大学・大学院留学生の日本語4 論文作成編.[アルク,(2002)]Sekiko SATO, et al.

概説日本思想史.[ミネルヴァ書房,(2005)]Hiroo SATO, Naohiko YAEGASHI, Sekiko SATO, Miyuki TAKAHASHI, Yuihiro TAJIRI, Tsutomu MAEDA, Akinori TAKAHASHI, Kazuyasu WATANABE, You HIRAYAMA, et al.

漢字系学習者のための漢字から学ぶ語彙1 日常生活編.[アルク,(2008)]Yasuko SATO, Atsuko MISHIMA, Miki MUSHIAKE, Sekiko SATO

A Handbook of Expression and Mechanics for Writing a Japanese Report/Paper:For International and Japanese Students in Every Field.[University of Tokyo Press,(2009)]Nobuko Nitsu, Yayoi Oshima, Sekiko Sato, Kyoko Chinami, Fumiko Yamamoto

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Original Papers


紫式部の別れの日―家集冒頭二首に詠まれた年時―.[Japanese Literature,62(9),(2013),15-24]佐藤勢紀子

Types of Discourse Structures in Academic Articles and their Occurrence in Different Disciplines : As Analysis of 270 Articles in Humanities, Social Science and Engineering.[Journal of Japanese Language Teaching,(154),(2013),85-99]佐藤勢紀子,大島弥生,二通信子,山本富美子,因京子,山路奈保子

Why was the "Fukyogyo" Rite Performed?:The Philosophy of Secular Buddhism in the "Uji-jujo" Part of Genji-monogatari.[Japanese Literature,57(5),(2008),64-73]Sekiko SATO

桐壺巻の構成と聖徳太子伝−「光君」命名記事をめぐって−.[源氏物語の始発−桐壺巻論集−(竹林舎),(2006),219-238]Sekiko SATO

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Review Papers

Difficult Points in Learning Classical Written Japanese as Non-Native Learners:A Survey to Researchers of Japanese Studies from Non-Kanji Areas.[Bulletin of the Institute for Excellence on Higher Education Tohoku University,(1), (2015), 163-172]佐藤勢紀子

源氏物語.[岩波書店 岩波講座 日本の思想 第2巻 場と器, (2013), 274-284]佐藤勢紀子

A Seminar about Promoting Intercultural Understanding for University Staff : As a Part of the Professional Development Program.[CAHE Journal of Higher Education,(8), (2013), 175-186]佐藤勢紀子

共通教育課程における「国際共修ゼミ」の開設―留学生クラスとの合同による多文化理解教育の試み―.[東北大学高等教育開発推進センター紀要,(6), (2011)]佐藤勢紀子,末松和子,桐原健真,曽根原理,上原聡,福島悦子,虫明美喜,押谷祐子

サンプル論文で学ぶ論文作成の技法ー「研究のための日本語スキル」授業報告ー.[アカデミック・ジャパニーズ・ジャーナル,(1), (2009), 37-47]Sekiko Sato

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Activity of External Organization
  • 東北多文化アカデミー(2010-)
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