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Graduate School of Life Sciences
Department of Molecular and Chemical Life Sciences
Division of Molecular and Network Genomics
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Physiology
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Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space, Director
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Research Fields
  • Radiation/chemical substance influence science
  • Plant physiology/molecule
  • Environmental agriculture(Biological Resource Science)
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Research Subjects
  • Mechanisms of UV-B resistance in plant(1996-)
  • VU-B induced DNA damages and photorepair in plant(1997-)
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light environment, ultraviolet-B, plant, rice, UVB-resistance in plant, DNA damege, photolyase, DNA repair
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本植物生理学会
  • 日本放射線影響学会
  • アメリカ植物生理学会(American Society of Plant Physiology)
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    Cultivar differences in the sensitivity to UVB radiation in rice (Oryza sativa L. )..[(1997)]J. Hidema, T. Sato, T. Kumagai


    IGEシリーズ27「植物と紫外線UVB」.[(2000)]日出間純、熊谷忠、BM Sutherland

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    Original Papers

    Transport of rice cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer photolyase into mitochondria relies on a targeting sequence located in its C-terminal internal region..[Plant J.,79(6),(2014),951-963]Takahashi S, Teranishi M, Izumi M, Takahashi M, Takahashi F, Hidema J.

    Cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer (CPD) photolyase repairs ultraviolet-B-induced CPDs in rice chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA..[Plant J,66(3),(2011),433-442]Takahashi, Masaaki Teranishi, Mika Ishida, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, Junji Takeuchi, Atsuko Yamaya, Tomoyuki Watanabe, Masao Makino, Amane Hidema, Jun

    Increase in CPD photolyase activity functions effectively for preventing ultraviolet-B-caused growth inhibition..[Plant J.,50,(2007),70-79]Hidema J., Taguchi T., Ono T., Teranishi M., Yamamoto K. Kumagai T.

    UV-sensitive Norin I rice contains defective cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer photolyase..[Plant Cell,12(9),(2000),1569-1578]Jun hidema, Tadashi Kumagai, Betsy M Sutherland

    Ultraviolet B-Sensitive Rice Cultivar Deficient in Cyclobutyl pyrimidine Dimer Repair.[Plant Physiology,113(1),(1997),39-44]Jun Hidema, Tadashi Kumagai, John C Sutherland, Betsy M Sutherland

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    Review Papers

    イネの紫外線感受性とピリミジン二量体光回復酵素.[放射線生物研究,36, (2001), 264-278]日出間純、熊谷忠

    植物の紫外線防御機構.[太陽紫外線防御研究,12, (2002), 29-38]日出間純、熊谷忠

    イネの紫外線抵抗性は何が決めているか-DNA損傷光回復酵素の役割.[学術出版センター 化学と生物 日本農芸化学会会誌,43, (2005), 72-74]岩松優、日出間純、熊谷忠

    植物のDNA損傷とその修復機構をめぐる共同研究.[学術出版センター 化学と生物 日本農芸化学会会誌,37, (1999), 381-384]日出間純

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 平成25年度科学技術分野・文部科学大臣賞(理解増進部門)(2013)
    • 日本放射線影響学会奨励賞(2004)
    • 日本放射線影響学会第50回大会発表賞(2007)
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    Activity of External Organization
    • 独立行政法人 国立環境研究所 有害紫外線モニタリングネットワーク(2006-)
    • 日本原子力開発機構放射線フロンティア研究委員(2004-)
    • 日本原子力開発機構・博士研究員業績評価委員会(2002-)
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