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OHNO Kazunori
New Industry Creation Hatchery Center
Industry Creation Section
Advanced Logistics Transport System Research Project
Assistant Professor
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    Research Subjects
    • Rescue Robotics(2006-2011)
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    Academic Society Membership
    • IEEE
    • 日本ロボット学会
    • 日本機械学会
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    Activity of Academic Society (Post)
    • 2009 IEEE Annual Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robots (SSRR 2009), プログラム委員(アジア地区)(2009)
    • 日本ロボット学会, 「レスキューロボット」特集号編集員(2009-2010)
    • 日本ロボット学会特集号「ロボットの3次元環境認識と行動生成」, 特集号担当委員(2007-2009)
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    Original Papers

    Dense 3D Map Building based on LRF data and Color Image Fusion.[Proc. of IEEE/RSJ Int’l Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems,(2005),1774-1779]Kazunori Ohno, Satoshi Tadokoro

    Real-Time Robot Trajectory Estimation and 3D Map Construction using 3D Camera.[IEEE/RSJ Int’l Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems,(2006)]Kazunori Ohno, Takafumi Nomura, Satoshi Tadokoro

    "Semi-autonomous Control System of Rescue Crawler Robot Having Flippers for Getting Over Unknown-Steps,".[Proc. of IEEE/RSJ Inc. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems,(2007)]Kazunori Ohno, Shouich Morimura, Satoshi Tadokoro, Eiji Koyanagi and Tomoaki Yoshida

    Development of 3D Laser Scanner for Measuring Uniform and Dense 3D Shapes of Static Objects in Dynamic Environment.[Proc. of the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics,(2009),2161-2167]Kazunori Ohno, Toyokazu Kawahara, Satoshi Tadokoro

    Field Experiment on Multiple Mobile Robots conducted in an Underground Mall.[Proc. of The 7th International Conf. on Field and Service Robotics,(2009),1-6]Tomoaki Yoshida, Keiji Nagatani, Eiji Koyanagi, Yasushi Hada, Kazunori Ohno, Shoichi Maeyama, Hidehisa Akiyama, and Satoshi Tadokoro

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    Review Papers

    レスキューロボットの研究開発と性能評価.[社団法人日本機械学会 日本機械学会誌, (2007)]大野和則

    投光型距離センサを用いた三次元SLAM.[26(4), (2008), 306-309]大野 和則・竹内 栄二朗・坪内 孝司

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 競基弘賞(2008)
    • 日本ロボット学会研究奨励賞(2005)
    • The 13th RoboCup World Championship Certificate (2009)(2009)
    • FANシンポジウム ベストプレゼンテーション賞(2006)
    • SI2006優秀講演賞(2006)
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