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TSUDA Makoto
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Energy Systems Engineering
Applied Electrical Energy System
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    superconductivity, energy, electric power, hydrogen, magnetic levitation
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        Original Papers

        Dependence of Lateral Stiffness on Magnetic Field Distribution at Field-Cooling Process of HTS Bulk System.[IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY,(2004)]M. Tsuda, K. Tsuchiya, N. Harada, T. Hamajima

        Dependence of Contact Condition between Strands on Twist Pitch in CIC Conductor.[IEEE Transacions of Applied Superconductivity,(2005)]Makoto Tsuda, Satoshi Nakamura, Shinichiro Katsuda, Naoyuki Harada, Takataro Hamajima, Kazuya Takahata

        The Effective Current and Magnetic Field Distributions for Reducing AC Losses in Coaxial Multi-layer HTS Transmission Cable.[IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity,16(2),(2006),1594-1597]M. Tsuda, T. Fujisawa, T. Hiraoka, N. Harada, T. Yagai, T. Hamajima

        Vibration Characteristics in Magnetic Levitation Type Seismic Isolation Device Composed of Multiple HTSBulks and Permanent Magnets.[IEEE Transactions of Applied Superconductivity,(2007)]M. Tsuda, T. Kojima, T. Yagai, and T. Hamajima

        Suitable Method for Increasing Current Carrying Capacity of HTS Toroidal Coils for SMES and DC Reactor.[IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY,20,(2010),1365-1368]M. Tsuda, T. Yagai, T. Hamajima

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