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ITO Kinuko(OUCHI Kinuko)
Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Biological Resource Sciences
Department of Applied Aquatic Bio-Science
Laboratory of Fisheries Biology and Ecology
Associate Professor
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Agriculture
Research Fields
  • General fishery studies(Fishery Science)
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Research Subjects
  • A study on functional relation between the aquatic organisms and the environment(2000-)
  • A Study on Growth, Cunsumption and Decomposition of Benthic Diatom.(1992-)
  • Analysis of biological production systems in the water using stable isotopes(1999-)
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biological production process, aquatic environment, functional relationship, bivalve, microalgae
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本水産学会
  • 水産海洋学会
  • 水産増殖学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 土木学会, 論文審査委員(2013-)
  • 日本水産学会 東北支部会, 幹事(2014-)
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Discoveries in Aqatic Animal Ecology presented Stable Isotope.[恒星社厚生閣,(2008)]富永修、高井則之編、伊藤絹子・掛川武

Tunami and Earthquakes in Coastal Environments.[Springer,(2016)]V.Santiago, H. Tanaka. M.Spike

Functional relationships between sandybeach ecosystem and estuary ecosystem.[(1998)]Kinuko ITO, Akihiro OKATA

A new Bioassay method to detect low-level toxicity of waters..[(1987)]Teiji KARIYA, Kinuko OUCHI, Ayako SUZUKI<, Masakazu SATO

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Original Papers

Hikaru Endo, Hideki Fukuda, Daisuke Takahashi, Yutaka Okumura, Eri Inomata1, Kinuko Ito, Chikage Yoshimizu, Ichiro Tayasu and Toshi Nagata(2018):Influence of isotope fractionation on the nitrogen isotope composition of the brown macroalga Undaria pinnatifida, Phycological Research, 66, 262-268..[Phycological Research,66,(2018),262-268]Hikaru Endo, Hideki Fukuda, Daisuke Takahashi, Yutaka Okumura, Eri Inomata1, Kinuko Ito, Chikage Yoshimizu, Ichiro Tayasu and Toshi Nagata

東北地方太平洋沖地震が河口・沿岸域の漁業資源に与えた影響と漁場環境の変化過程.[日本水産学会誌,84(6),(2018),1078-1082]伊藤絹子, 佐々木浩一, 庄子充広, 片山亜優


海底表層土のδ13C δ15N分布から推定した東北地方太平洋沖自身の津波に伴う仙台湾への六度の流入.[宮城県水産研究報告,15,(2015)]雁部聡明、大田裕達、伊藤絹子、佐々木浩一、松本奈々子、小関由基

Effects of the Great East Japan Tsunami on Biological Production Systems and the Progress of Recovery in a Brackish Water Ecosystem in Northeastern Japan,.[Tsunami and Earthquakes in Coastal Environments Significance and Restoration, Springer,(2016)]Kinuko Ito, Ayu Katayama , Kazunori Shizuka and Norihiro Monna.

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