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    • International Society for Quality of Life Research(2003/10-)
    • QOL/PRO研究会(2011/04- 世話人)
    • 日本ロービジョン学会(2007/09-)
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    SF-36v2日本語版マニュアル【SF-12v2スコアリングマニュアル収録版】.[NPO健康医療評価研究機構,(2011)]福原俊一, 鈴鴨よしみ

    Quality of Life: Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation.[中山書店,(2005)]福原俊一, 数馬恵子 ed 鈴鴨よしみ

    障害と活動の測定・評価ハンドブック改定第2版.[南江堂,(2015)]岩谷力、飛松好子eds. 鈴鴨よしみ

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    Original Papers

    Validation testing of a three-component model of SF-36 scores.[Journal of Clinical Epidemiology,64(3),(2011),301-308]Suzukamo Y, Fukuhara S, Green J, Kosinski M, Gandek B, Ware JE

    Verification of the psychometric properties of the Japanese version of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 15 palliative (EORTCQLQ-C15-PAL).[Qual Life Res,21(2),(2012),335-340]Miyazaki K, Suzukamo Y, Shimozuma K, Nakayama T

    Psychometric properties of the 25-item National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire (NEI VFQ-25), Japanese version..[Health Qual Life Outcomes,3,(2005),65]Suzukamo Y, Oshika T, Yuzawa M, Tokuda Y, Tomidokoro A, Oki K, Mangione CM, Green J, Fukuhara S

    Validation of the Japanese version of the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire..[J Orthop Sci,8(4),(2003),543-548]Suzukamo Yoshimi, Fukuhara Shunichi, Kikuchi Shinichi, Konno Shinichi, Roland Martin, Iwamoto Yukihide, Nakamura Takashi

    Psychological adjustment has a greater effect on health-related quality of life than on severity of disease in Parkinson's disease..[Mov Disord,21(6),(2006),761-766]Suzukamo Y, Ohbu S, Kondo T, Kohmoto J, Fukuhara S

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    Review Papers

    健康関連QOL評価法1:総論 何をどうやって評価するか.[総合リハ,44(5), (2016), 437-439]鈴鴨よしみ 田中尚文

    眼の機能とQOL.[Oculista,30, (2015), 1-7]鈴鴨よしみ

    QOL評価研究と行動医学-レスポンスシフトの観点から-.[行動医学研究,21(1), (2015), 12-16]鈴鴨よしみ

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