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    market institution, land tenure, labor practices, globalization, safety net, Java, Sumatra
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    • アジア政経学会
    • Japan Association for Human Security Studies
    • 日本農業経済学会
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    • 日本農業経済学会, 副会長(2014-)
    • アジア政経学会, 理事(2003)
    • 日本農業経済学会, 常務理事(2000-2002)
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    Commodity Markets and the Sustainability of Agriculture. In Iwamoto, Noriaki and Slamet Hartono eds. Economic Structure and Social Institutions in Rural Java.[Gadjah Mada University Press,(2009)]Hitoshi Yonekura

    Incentive, Performance and Choice of Strategy in Contract Broiler Farming. In Iwamoto, Noriaki and Slamet Hartono eds. Economic Structure and Social Institutions in Rural Java.[(2009)]Jamhari; Shigekazu Kawashima; and Hitoshi Yonekura

    Integrated Report of the Project "Identification of Pulling Factors for Enhancing the Sustainable Development of Diverse Agricultre in Selected Asian Countries".[UNESCAP-CAPSA,(2006)]Sugino, Tomohide; Hitoshi Yonekura; and Parulian Hutagaol

    Sato, Yuri edt. Reorganizing the Indonesian Economy: Structure, Institution and Actors..[Institute of Developing Economies,(2004)]Hitoshi Yonekura

    Takane, Tsutomu edt. Agricultural Marketing in Africa and Asia..[Institute Developing Economies,(2003)]Hitoshi Yonekura and Jamhari

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    Original Papers

    "Human Insecurity Caused by the Lack of Governance: A Case Study of the Sidoarjo Mudflow Disaster in East Java.".[Journal of Human Security Studies,3(1),(2014),26-51]Prasojo Bayu Suwondo Putro and Hitoshi Yonekura

    「インドネシアの最近の政策動向:食糧安保と貿易自由化」.[『農業と経済』,80(2),(2014),87-97]米倉 等

    "Resettlement after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in Tohoku.".[Dinil Pushpalal, Jakob Rhyner, and Vilma Hossini(eds), The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake 11 March 2011 – Lessons Learned and Research Questions, Proceedings of Conference held on 11 March 2013, UN Campus in Bonn. Bonn: UNU-EHS,(2014),35-45]Hitoshi Yonekura

    "Adoption and Sustainability of New Technologies: A Case Study of Integrated Coffee-Goat Farming in Bali. ".[Journal of Rural Society and Economics,forthcoming,(2013)]Dian Adi Anggraeni Elisabeth, Hitoshi Yonekura, and Nina Takashino

    "Implementation of the Subsidized Rice Program for the Poor (RASKIN) in South Konawe District, Indonesia. ".[Journal of Farm Management Economics,(44),(2013),11-38]Sudirman Ahmad Risdiyanto and Hitoshi Yonekura

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