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OYAMA Yutaka
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Science
Materials and Devices for Outline Technology
Opto-electronic Materials
Research Fields
  • Micro/nanodevice
  • Electron/electric material engineering
  • Applied physical properties/crystal engineering
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Research Subjects
  • Development of teraherz operating semiconductor device technology(1994-)
  • molecular layer epitaxy(1994-)
  • Study on the point defects in Semiconductors(1983-)
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terahertz light source, mm-wave, terahertz application, nano scale semiconductor devices,Terahertz electronics,molecular layer epitaxy,non-stoichiometry,photocapacitance
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本金属学会
  • 電子情報通信学会
  • Japan Society of Applied Physics
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Terahertz technology.[株式会社 エヌ・ティー・エス,(2005)]Oyama Yutaka

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MATERIALS:SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.[Elsevior VB,(2001)]Jun-ichi Nishizawa,Yutaka Oyama

半導体研究39巻.[工業調査会,(1993)]西澤 潤一 ,小山 裕

半導体研究35巻.[工業調査会,(1991)]西澤 潤一,小山 裕

半導体研究27巻.[工業調査会,(1987)]西澤 潤一 ,小山 裕

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Original Papers

Dislocation-induced deep electronic states in InP: Photocapacitance measurements.[PHYSICAL REVIEW B,74,(2006),235210-]Yutaka Oyama,Jun-ichi Nishizawa,Toshihiro Kimura,Takenori Tanno

Sub-Terahertz Imaging of Defects in Building Blocks.[NDT & E International,42(1),(2009),28-33]Yutaka Oyama, Li Zhen, Tadao Tanabe, Munehito Kagaya

Application of low-temperature area-selective regrowth for ultrashallow sidewall GaAs tunnel junctions.[Applied Physics Letters,81(14),(2002),2563-2565]Yutaka Oyama, Takeo Ohno, Kenji Tezuka, Ken Suto, Jun-ichi Nishizawa

Formation energy of excess arsenic atoms in n-type GaAs.[Physical Review Letters,65,(1990),2555-2558]Jun-ichi Nishizawa Yutaka Oyama Kazushi Dezaki

Stoichiometry dependent deep levels in n-type GaAs.[Journal of Applied Physics,67,(1990),1884-1896]Jun-ichi Nishizawa Yutaka Oyama Kazushi Dezaki

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Review Papers

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