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SHA Weiming
Graduate School of Science
Associate Professor
Research Fields
  • Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology(Meteorology)
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Research Subjects
  • Numerical study and modeling on meso-scale atmospheric circulation(1999)
  • Numerical study on general atmospheric circulation(1999)
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Academic Society Membership
  • 日本気象学会
  • 日本流体力学学会
  • 日本機械学会
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Original Papers

On The structure and formation mechanism of the spiral Taylor-Gotlax vortices in spherical Couette flow.[J. Fluid Mech.,431,(2001),323-345]W. Sha and K. Nakabayashi

An Accurate Second-order Appronimation Factorigation Method for Time-clependent incompressible Narier-Stokes Fquations in spherieal Polar Coordinates.[J. Comput. Phys.,142,(1998),47-66]W. Sha, K. Nakabayashi and H. Ueda

The linear stability of thermally stratified rotaling channel flow.[Phys. Fluids,11(2),(1999),439-449]W. Sha, K. Tsuchiya and K. Nakabayashi

A numerical study on the nocturnal frontogenesis of the sea-breeze front..[J. Meteor. Soc. Japan,82(2),(2004),817-823]Sha,W., S.Ogawa, T.Iwasaki and Z.Wang

A numerical study sea / land breezes as a gravity current : Kelvin-Helmholty biUows and inland penetration of the sea-breeze front..[J. Atmos. Sci.,48,(1991),1649-1665]W. Sha, T. Kawamura and H.Ueda

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Review Papers

回転2球間クエット流におけるスパイラルTG(Taylor-Görtler)渦の構造と形成について、日本流体力学学会竜門賞記念解説.[ながれ,21, (2002), 206-212]余偉明

次世代の大気局地数値モデルの動力学的中核部分の開発.[月刊海洋,2, (2002), 107-112]余偉明

直線直角座標系における大気局地数値モデルの開発.[東北大学情報シナジーセンター大規模科学計算システム広報SENAC,37(3), (2004), 17-28]余偉明、沢田雅洋、岩崎俊樹

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