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Earth Science
Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Research Group of Quantum-beam Earth Science and Technology
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    magma, high pressure, high temperature
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    • American Geophysical Union
    • The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology
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      Original Papers

      Stability of hydrous melt at the base of the Earth’s upper mantle.[Nature,(2006)]T. Sakamaki, A. Suzuki, E. Ohtani

      Ponded melt at the boundary between the lithosphere and asthenosphere.[Nature Geoscience,(2013)]T. Sakamaki, A. Suzuki, E. Ohtani, H. Terasaki, S. Urakawa, Y. Katayama, K. Funakoshi, Y. Wang, J. W. Hernlund, M. D. Ballmer

      Constraints on Earth’s inner core composition inferred from measurements of the sound velocity of hcp-iron in extreme conditions.[Science Advances,2(2),(2016)]Sakamaki, T., Ohtani, E., Fukui, H., Kamada, S., Takahashi, S., Sakairi, T., Takahata, A., Sakai, T., Tsutsui, S., Ishikawa, S., Shiraishi, R., Seto, Y., Tsuchiya, T., Baron, A.Q.R.

      Density of high-Ti basalt magma at high pressure and origin of heterogeneities in the lunar mantle.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,(2010)]T. Sakamaki, E. Ohtani, S. Urakawa, A. Suzuki, Y. Katayama, D. Zhao

      Contrasting sound velocity and intermediate-range structural order between polymerized and depolymerized silicate glasses under pressure.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,391,(2014),288-295]T. Sakamaki, Y. Kono, Y. Wang, C. Park, T. Yu, Z. Jing, G. Shen

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