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    • theory of literature(1980-)
    • philosophy of language(1980-)
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    theory of literature, communication, metapher, fiction, narrative
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    • 日本独文学会
    • 日本哲学会
    • Japan Society for Studies in Cartoon and Comics
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      Davidson --- Is there a "language" as such?.[Japan Broadcast Publishing Co.,(2004)]Koichi Morimoto

      Text and Interpretation.[Sangyo-tosho Publishing Co.,(1900)]Philippe Forget(editor of the original text), Koichi Morimoto(translator)

      The Deconstructive Turn ---- essays in the rhetoric of philosophy.[Kokubun-sha Publishing Co.,(1995)]Christopher Norris(author), Keiichi Noe, Koichi Morimoto, Tetsuo Arima(translators)

      Hegel Handbook 2: Foreign Hegel Studies.[Hosei University Press,(1997)]Hisatake Kato, Yutaka Zakota(editors), Koichi Morimoto(translator)

      Heidegger and Cognitive Science.[Sangyo-tosho Publishing Co.,(2002)]Shunsuke Kadowaki, Yukihiro Nobuhara(editors), Koichi Morimoto(translator)

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      Original Papers

      Metaphor and communication --- in the philosophy of Derrida and Davidson.[Journal of Contemporary Philosophy,15(6),(1987),90-104]Koichi Morimoto

      Skill to understand the other --- About "communication" again.[Journal of Contemporary Philosophy,17(3),(1989),130-142]Koichi Morimoto

      Basic features of fictive discourse.[The Annual Reports of the Faculty of Arts and Letters Tohoku University,(47),(1998),327-348]Koichi Morimoto

      Affordance and Mimesis.[Journal of Contemporary Philosophy,27(6),(1999),222-235]Koichi Morimoto

      Ad hoc concept, something non-propositional, and weak implicature - What should be elucidated by the theory of metaphor?.[The Annual Reports of the Faculty of Arts and Letters Tohoku University,(51),(2002),258-288]Koichi Morimoto

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      Review Papers

      Existence and Multiculturalism.[Tokai University Press Semiotics of Multiculturalism (Semiotic Studies 16),(16), (1996), 88-89]Koichi Morimoto

      Kafka "Der Verwandlung".[出窓社 20世紀を震撼させた100冊, (1998)]Koichi Morimoto

      ecriture, creole, communication theory, difference/differance, reception aesthetics, generative grammar, deconstruction, post structuralism, post modern.[新書館 現代思想フォーカス88, (2001)]Koichi Morimoto

      Introduction to the special issuie: comics and comics theory in the German-speaking area.[Tohoku Society of German Study Bulletin of the Tohoku Society of German Study,48, (2005)]Koichi Morimoto

      irony, metaphor, Kafka, Davidson, humor, rhetoric.[弘文堂 現代倫理学事典, (2006)]Koichi Morimoto

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