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UDA Satoshi
Institute for Materials Research
Crystal Chemistry
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Graduate School of Science
Solid-State Chemistry
Laboratory of Crystal Chemistry

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Research Fields
  • Applied physical properties/crystal engineering
  • Inorganic material/physical properties
  • Inorganic chemistry
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Research Subjects
  • Control of growth dynamics by the imposition of an interface electric or magnetic field to the growth interface(2003-)
  • Study of controlling free energy of growth environment and the resultant driving force for growth(2003-)
  • Growth of composite oxide crystals for piezoelectric and optical use(2003-)
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crystal growth, interface dynamics, interface electric field, solute transfer, diffusion, free energy, chemical potential
Academic Society Membership
  • Japanese association for crystal growth
  • The Japan society of applied physics
  • American association of crystal growth
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • Japanese association for crystal growth, a board of trustees(2002-)
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Fiber Crystal Growth from the Melt.[(2004)]T. Fukuda, P. Rudolph, S. Uda

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Original Papers

Influence of Unit Cluster Size on Nucleation Rate of Li2B4O7 Melt.[J. Cryst. Growth,140(1-2),(1994),128-138]S. Uda

Growth habits of 3-inch and 4-inch langasite single-crystals.[Journal of Crystal Growth,237,(2002),707-713]UDA S, WANG SQ, KONISHI N, INABA H, HARADA J,

The Influence of the Interface Electric Field on the Distribution Coefficient of Chromium in LiNbO3.[J. Cryst. Growth,121(1-2),(1992),93-110]S. Uda, W. A. Tiller

Interface Field-modified Solute Partitioning during Mn:LiNbO3 Crystal Fiber Growth by Micro-pulling Down Method II Radial Distribution Analysis.[J. Cryst. Growth,182(3-4),(1997),403-415]Satoshi Uda, Junichi Kon, kiyoshi Shimamura, Junichiro Ichikawa, Katsuhiro Inaba, Tsuguo Fukuda

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Review Papers

Electronic parts based on langasite.[Electronic Materials,42(4), (2003), 53-56]HARADA Jiro, UDA Satoshi

Design of langasite-based SAW filter.[電波新聞社 Denpa Sinbun, (2002), 26-27]UDA Satoshi

ランガサイト単結晶のSAWデバイスへの応用.[日本工業出版 Ultrasonic technorogy,11(9), (1999), 21-26]宇田聡

Micro Single Crystal.[日本金属学会 Materia Japan,37(1), (1998), 55-60]T. Fukuda, K. Shimamura, S. Uda

単結晶ファイバー育成技術とその特長-バルク結晶では得られない特性を求めて-.[日本セラミックス協会 Ceramics Japan,29(5), (1994), 431-433]宇田聡

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本結晶成長学会論文賞(2003)
  • 韓国結晶成長学会学術賞(2003)
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Activity of External Organization
  • Elsevier(2004-)
  • 日本学術振興会 特別研究員等審査会(2004-2006)
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