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      Original Papers

      Effects of Si addition on the crystallization behaviour of GeTe phase change materials.[Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,45(40),(2012),405302-]Y Saito, Y Sutou and J Koike

      Multiresistance Characteristics of PCRAM With Ge1Cu2Te3 and Ge2Sb2Te5 Films.[Electron Device Letters, IEEE,33(10),(2012),1399-1401]Saito, Y. Song, Y. H. ; Lee, J. M. ; Sutou, Y. ; Koike, J.

      Fast crystal nucleation induced by surface oxidation in Si-doped GeTe amorphous thin film.[Applied Physics Letters,100(23),(2012),231606-]Y. Saito, Y. Sutou, J. Koike

      Crysatllization and electrical characteristics of Ge1Cu2Te3 films for phase change random access memory.[Rhin Solid Films,520(13),(2012),4389-4393]T. Kamada, Y. Sutou, M. Sumiya, Y. Saito, J. Koike

      Crysatllization process and thermal stability of Ge1Cu2Te3 amorphous thin films for use as phase change materials.[Acta Materialia,60(3),(2012),872-880]Y. Sutou, T. Kamada, M. Sumiya, Y. Saito, J. Koike

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      Review Papers

      高加工性Cu-Al-Mn基形状記憶合金の開発.[まてりあ,42, (2003), 813-821]須藤祐司、大森俊洋、貝沼亮介、石田清仁、山内 清

      Cu-Al-Mn-based Shape Memory Alloys and their applications.[Metals Materials and Processes,15, (2003), 131-148]Y. Sutou, N. Koeda, T. Omori, J. J. Wang, R. Kainuma and K. Ishida

      新規形状記憶合金の開発とその応用.[まてりあ,44, (2005), 604-607]須藤祐司

      Ni-Mn-In系合金のメタ磁性形状記憶効果.[アグネ技術センター 金属,76, (2006), 33-39]貝沼亮介、及川勝成、石田清仁、須藤祐司、鹿又武

      磁場により大きな変位と応力が得られる新型磁性形状記憶材料.[工業材料,54, (2006), 68-72]貝沼亮介、及川勝成、石田清仁、須藤祐司

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      Honours, Awards and Prizes
      • 日本金属学会 功績賞(2013)
      • 文部科学大臣表彰 若手科学者賞(2011)
      • 第19回 STS Award(2012)
      • 第41回市村学術賞貢献賞(2009)
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