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MIZUNO Kensaku
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Date of Birth
Research Fields
  • Functional biochemistry
  • Cell biology
  • General medical chemistry
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Research Subjects
  • Study on Signal-transduction Mechanisms of Cytoskeletal ReorganiZation(1998-)
  • Mechanisms of primary cilium formation(2011-)
  • Mechanisms of mechanical signal responses of cells(2013-)
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Cell signaling, Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility, Primary cilia, Mechanobiology
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本生化学会
  • 日本分子生物学会
  • 日本細胞生物学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本生化学会, 評議員(2001-)
  • 日本細胞生物学会, 評議員(2000-)
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Comprehensive Endocrinology, The Pituitary Gland, second edition (ed. by Imura, H.).[Raven Press,(1994)]Mizuno, K., and Matsuo, H.

Hepatocyte growth factor-scatter factor and the c-met receptor (eds. by Goldberg, I. D., and Rosen, E. M.).[Birkhauser Verlag,(1993)]Mizuno, K., and Nakamura, T.

Signal Transduction of Cell Division, (ed. by Miki, T.).[Research Signpost,(2005)]Kaji, N., and Mizuno, K.

細胞骨格と細胞運動/竹縄忠臣編.[シュプリンガーフェアラーク東京,(2002)]Mizuno, K.

細胞骨格・運動がわかる/三木裕明編.[羊土社,(2004)]Ohashi, K., and Mizuno, K.

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Original Papers

Peptide C-terminal alpha-amidating enzyme purified to homogeneity from Xenopus laevis skin..[Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,137(3),(1986),984-991]Mizuno, K., Sakata, J., Kojima, M., Kangawa, K., and Matsuo, H.

Cofilin phosphorylation by LIM-kinase 1 and its role in Rac-mediated actin reorganization..[Nature,393(6687),(1998),809-812]Yang, N., Higuchi, O., Ohashi, K., Nagata, K., Wada, A., Kangawa, K., Nishida, E., and Mizuno, K.

A pathway of neuregulin-induced activation of cofilin-phosphatase Slingshot and cofilin in lamellipodia..[J. Cell Biol.,165(4),(2004),465-471]Nagata-Ohashi, K., Ohta, Y., Goto, K., Chiba, S., Mori, R., Nishita, M., Ohashi, K., Kousaka, K., Iwamatsu, A., Niwa, R., Uemura, T., and Mizuno, K.

Cofilin promotes stimulus-induced lamellipodium formation by generating an abundant supply of actin monomers..[J. Cell Biol.,177(3),(2007),465-476]Kiuchi, T., Ohashi, K., Kurita, S., and Mizuno, K.

NDR2-mediated Rabin8 phosphorylation is crucial for ciliogenesis by switching binding specificity from phosphatidylserine to Sec15..[EMBO J.,32(6),(2013),874-885]Chiba, S., Amagai, Y., Homma, Y., Fukuda, M., and Mizuno, K.

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Review Papers

LIM-kinase-mediated cofilin phosphorylation and spatio-temporal regulation of actin cytoskeleton.[羊土社 Experimental Medicine,24(9), (2006), 1289-1294]Mizuno, K.

Role of cofilin phosphorylation in cell migration.[共立出版 蛋白質核酸酵素増刊「細胞骨格と接着」,51(6), (2006), 516-521]Nishita, M., and Mizuno, K.

Cofilin phosphorylation and regulation of actin cytoskeletal reorganization by LIM-kinase.[日本生化学会 Seikagaku,71(5), (1999), 345-350]Mizuno K.

Is protein S the ligand for Sky/Tyro3 receptor tyrosine kinase?.[秀潤社 Cell Technology,15(2), (1996), 222-228]Mizuno, K., and Ohashi, K.

Biochemical studies on enzymes involved in prohormone processing.[Japanese Biochemical Society Seikagaku,61(12), (1989), 1435-1461]Mizuno, K.

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本生化学会奨励賞(1988)
  • 日経BP技術賞大賞(1995)
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