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    Nano-particle, Nanowire, Nano-coating, Nanocomposite, Ultrasound, Microwave, Non-linear, Non-equilibrium, Low cost, Low environmental impact, Eco-design
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    • 日本セラミックス協会
    • 日本金属学会
    • 日本化学会
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    Activity of Academic Society (Post)
    • 日本セラミックス協会 MFD研究会, 研究会代表(2016-)
    • 公益社団法人 日本化学会東北支部, 宮城地区幹事(2012-2013)
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    Nanopackaging: Nanotechnologies and Electronics Packaging.[Springer,(2009)]Y. Hayashi, M. Inoue, H. Takizawa, and K. Suganuma

    材料科学・材料工学.[東京化学同人,(2012)]滝澤博胤、関野 徹、林 大和

    MEMS and Related Material Technologies.[Research Signpost,(2010)]Yamato Hayashi, Hirotsugu Takizawa

    Ink-jet Wiring of Fine Pitch Circuits with Metallic Nano Particle Pastes.[CMC Publishing Co.,Ltd.,(2006)]Yamto HAYASHI, etc.

    マイクロ・ナノバブルとソノプロセス いろいろ使える「微細泡」の驚異の作用.[(株)ティー・アイ・シィー,(2010)]林 大和、滝澤博胤

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    Original Papers

    Facile synthesis of silver-nanobeadwire transparent conductive film by organic-precursor paint reduction.[Cryst. Res. Technol.,50(4),(2015),319-330]Kenta Sugawara, Yamato Hayashi∗, Jun Fukushima, and Hirotsugu Takizawa

    Ecodesigns and Applications for Noble Metal Nanoparticles by Ultrasound Process.[IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRIC PACKAGING MANUFACTURING,28(4),(2005),338-343]Yamato HAYASHI, Hirotsugu TAKIZAWA, Masahiro INOUE, Koichi NIIHARA, Katsuaki SUGANUMA

    Preparation of Platinum Nanoparticles in Heterogeneous Solid-Liquid System by Ultrasound and Microwave Irradiation.[J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol.,8(9),(2008),4482-4487]Dai Ishikawa, Yamato Hayashi, Hirotsugu Takizawa

    Formation mechanism of nanostructured Ag films from Ag2O particles using a sonoprocess.[Colloid & Polymer Science,288(10-11),(2010),1061-1069]Masahiro Inoue & Yamato Hayashi & Hirotsugu Takizawa & Katsuaki Suganuma

    Synthesis of Highly Concentrated Ag Nanoparticles in a Heterogeneous Solid-Liquid System under Ultrasonic Irradiation.[Materials Transactions,51(10),(2010),1764-1768]Kenta Toisawa, Yamato Hayashi and Hirotsugu Takizawa

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    Review Papers

    Low Environmental Impact Processing of Metal Nanoparticle Related Materials for High Value-added and Practical Application.[The Society of Powder Technology Journal of the Society of Powder Technology,51(8), (2014), 578-585]Yamato Hayashi

    超音波反応場を用いた低沸点溶媒中での粒子状グラファイトの直接剥離.[日本工業出版 Ultrasonic Technology,27(6), (2015), 31-37]Yamato Hayashi, Tomofumi Mochizuki, Hirotsugu Takizawa

    Fabrication Study of Nano-metal related Material by Solid-liquid Ultrasonic and Microwave Reaction.[J. Jon. Soc. Powder Powder Metallurgy,63, (2016), 929-936]Yamato Hayashi and Hirotsugu Takizawa

    固-液系超音波反応を積極的に利用したAg/グラフェンナノコンポジットの合成.[日本工業出版 Ultrasonic Technology,26(4), (2014), 23-31]Yamato Hayashi, Tomofumi Mochizuki, Hirotsugu Takizawa

    超音波による銀ナノ粒子の酸化処理銅ナノ粒子表面への担持と応用.[化学工業社 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING,62(6), (2017), 53-61]Yamato Hayashi, Ryo Sasaki, Hirotsugu Takizawa

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 平成27年度 粉体粉末冶金協会研究進歩賞(2015)
    • The 16th International Symposium on Eco-material Processing and Design Best Poster Award(2015)
    • 田中ホールディングス シルバー賞(2015)
    • エレクトロニクス実装学会MES2011ベストペーパー賞(2012)
    • 田中貴金属グループ シルバー賞(2012)
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    Activity of External Organization
    • 仙台高等専門学校(2014-)
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