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ITO Satoshi
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
Energy Physics Engineering
Fusion and Electromagnetic Engineering
Associate Professor
Date of Birth
Research Fields
  • Nuclear fusion studies
  • Atomic power studies
  • Electron/electric material engineering
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Research Subjects
  • Fundamental Study on Remountable HTS Magnet for fusion reactors (Study on mechanical joint of HTS conductor, Study on heat transfer enhancement of liquid nitrogen with metal porous media)(2000-)
  • MHD flow control in liquid metal blanket for fusion reactors(2015-)
  • Ultrasonic welding of high-temperature superconducting tapes with indium-insertion(2018-)
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Fusion reactor engineering, Applied Superconductivity, Remountable HTS Magnet, Low resistance joint of HTS tapes, Heat transfer enhancement of liquid nitrogen, Liquid metal blanket and divertor
Academic Society Membership
  • Atomic Energy Society of Japan
  • Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan
  • プラズマ・核融合学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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    Original Papers

    Bridge-type mechanical lap joint of a 100 kA-class HTS conductor having stacks of GdBCO tapes.[Plasma and Fusion Research,9,(2014),3405086-]S. Ito, Y. Seino, N. Yanagi, Y. Terazaki, A. Sagara, H. Hashizume

    Advanced high-temperature superconducting magnet for fusion reactors: Segment fabrication and joint technique.[Fusion Engineering and Design,136(A),(2018),239-246]S. Ito, H. Hashizume, N. Yanagi, T. Tamura

    Research and development of segmented high-temperature superconducting magnets intended for realizing innovative fusion reactors: Progress in development of remountable joints of high-temperature superconducting conductors.[Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research,92(8),(2016)]ITO Satoshi, HASHIZUME Hidetoshi, YUSA Noritaka, YANAGI Nagato, TAMURA Hitoshi, SAGARA Akio

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    Review Papers

    核融合炉マグネットへの適用をめざした 大電流高温超伝導導体の開発 ― 現在の状況と将来の展望 ―.[低温工学,54(1), (2019), 10-22]柳 長門, 伊藤 悟, 寺﨑 義朗

    The Current Status and Prospect of Large-Scale High-TemperatureSuperconducting Magnet Development: Large-Scale Magnet Development Using Segmented Fabrication and Joint Techniques of High-Temperature Superconducting Conductors.[The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research,91(2), (2015), 87-96]HASHIZUME Hidetoshi, ITO Satoshi, YANAGI Nagato, TERAZAKI Yoshiro, TAMURA Hitoshi, EBARA Shinji, YUSA Noritaka and SAGARA Akio

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • Overview Article Award(2020)
    • 日本原子力学会 第12回核融合工学部会賞 奨励賞(2015)
    • Russell B. Scott Memorial Award(2015)
    • プラズマ・核融合学会 技術進歩賞(2014)
    • 低温工学・超電導学会 2010年度 優良発表賞(2010)
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