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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Processing
Microsystems Design and Processing
Mechanics and Design of Material Systems
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Master of Engineering
Research Fields
  • Machine material/material mechanics(Materials for Mechanics and Strength of Materials)
  • Material processing/treatment(Metallurgy and Material Processing)
  • Structural/functional materials(Structural and Functional Materials)
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Research Subjects
  • Study on Piezoelectric Fracture Mechanics of Electronic Composite Materials(1993-)
  • Study on Cryogenic Fracture and Damage Mechanics of Woven Glass/Epoxy Laminates(1999-)
  • Study on Elastic Wave Propagation and Fracture Dynamics of Composite Materials(1999-)
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Electrothermoelasticity, Numerical Fracture Mechanics, Design of Smart Materials and Structures
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本金属学会
  • 日本MRS
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
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    Original Papers

    Potential of Energy Harvesting in Barium Titanate Based Laminates from Room Temperature to Cryogenic/High Temperatures: Measurements and Linking Phase Field and Finite Element Simulations.[Smart Materials and Structures,26,(2017),115027-]F. Narita, M. Fox, K. Mori, H. Takeuchi, T. Kobayashi and K. Omote

    Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect in Fe29Co71 Wire/Polymer Composites.[Advanced Engineering Materials,19(1),(2017),1600586-]F. Narita

    Electromechanical Response of Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators for Fuel Injectors at High Temperatures.[Journal of Applied Physics,115(18),(2014),184103-]F. Narita, R. Hasegawa and Y. Shindo

    Dynamic Fatigue Behavior of Cracked Piezoelectric Ceramics in Three-Point Bending under AC Electric Fields.[Journal of the European Ceramic Society,32(14),(2012),3759-3766]F. Narita, Y. Morikawa, Y. Shindo and M. Sato

    Evaluation of Electromechanical Properties and Field Concentrations near Electrodes in Piezoelectric Thick Films for MEMS Mirrors by Simulations and Tests.[Computers and Structures,89(11/12),(2011),1077-1085]F. Narita, Y. Shindo and K. Sato

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