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UEHARA Satoshi
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
Division of Developmental Research in Education Programs
Section of Culture and Language
Assigned Class
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies

Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of Theoretical Linguistics

Vice director, Culture and Language Education Center
Academic Degree
( Linguistics)
Research Fields
  • Linguistics(cognitive linguistics & linguistic typology)
  • Japanese studies(discourse analysis & contrastive linguistics)
  • Japanese education
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Research Subjects
  • Subjectivity-based language typology and its correlation with other language typologies: A cognitive-typological research(2016-2020)
  • Two kinds of subjectivity and their lexicalization and construction patterns in Asian languages: A cognitive-typological research(2012-2016)
  • A cognitive-typological analysis on the subjetivity and event structures with the focus on Asian languages(2008-2012)
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cognitive linguistics, linguistic typology, Japanese linguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, constrastive linguistics, perspective, subjectivity
Academic Society Membership
  • 国際認知言語学学会(International Cognitive Linguistic Association)
  • 言語類型論学会(Association of Linguistic Typology)
  • The Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Associaition
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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    Syntactic Categories in Japanese: A Cognitive and Typological Introduction.[(1998)]Satoshi Uehara


    Langacker's theory of (inter)subjectivity and its further development.[Kaitakusha,(2016)]Yoshihisa Nakamura and Satoshi Uehara

    Typological Studies on Languages in Thailand and Japan.[Hituzi Syobo Publishing,(2012)]Tadao Miyamoto, Naoyuki Ono, Kingkarn Thepkanjana and Satoshi Uehara

    アジアにおける日本語教育:「外国語としての日本語」修士課程設立一周年セミナー論文集.[(2009)]上原 聡(編)

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    Original Papers

    Resultative constructions with “implied-result” and “entailed-result” verbs in Thai and English: A contrastive study.[Linguistics,47(3),(2009),589-618]Kingkarn Thepkanjana & Satoshi Uehara

    The verb of giving in Thai and Mandarin Chinese as a case of polysemy: A comparative study.[Language Sciences,(30),(2008),621-651]Kingkarn Thepkanjana and Satoshi Uehara

    Nominalization and nominality: their forms and functions.[Japanese Linguistics,29(11),(2010),24-38]Satoshi Uehara

    On the use and function of "bare" sentence-final forms in Japanese conversational discourse.[Japanese-Language Education around the Globe,(14),(2004),109-123]Satoshi Uehara, and Etsuko Fukushima

    Cross-linguistic comparison and linguistic typology in terms of subjectivity.[Hituji Mimiron Kouza Vol. 5 Subjectivity,(2011),69-91]Satoshi Uehara

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