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INAI Yoichi
Graduate School of Science
Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies
Atmospheric Trace Gas Reserch group
Assistant Professor
Atmospheric science
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    Original Papers

    Coordinated Upper troposphere-to-stratosphere balloon experiment in Biak.[Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc.,99,(2018),1213-1230]Hasebe, F., S. Aoki, S. Morimoto, Y. Inai, T. Nakazawa, S. Sugawara, C. Ikeda, H. Honda, H. Yamazaki, Halimurrahm an, N. Komala, F. A. Putri, A. Budiyono, M. Soedjarwo, S. Ishidoya, S. Toyoda, T. Shibata, M. Hayashi, N. Eguchi, N. Nishi, M. Fujiwara, S.-Y. Ogino, M. Shiotani, and T. Sugidachi

    Balloon-borne tropospheric CO2 observations over the equatorial eastern and western Pacific.[Atmospheric Environment,184,(2018),24-36]Inai Y., S. Aoki, H. Honda, H. Furutani, Y. Matsumi, M. Ouchi, S. Sugawara, F. Hasebe, M. Uematsu, and M. Fujiwara

    Long-term variation in the mixing fraction of tropospheric and stratospheric air masses in the upper tropical tropopause layer.[Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmos.,123,(2018)]Inai Y.

    Age and gravitational separation of the stratospheric air over Indonesia.[Atmos. Chem. Phys.,18,(2018),1819-1833]Sugawara, S., Ishidoya, S., Aoki, S., Morimoto, S., Nakazawa, T., Toyoda, S., Inai, Y., Hasebe, F., Ikeda, C., Honda, H., Goto, D., and Putri, F. A.

    Vertical distributions of N2O isotopocules in the equatorial stratosphere.[Atmos. Chem. Phys.,18,(2018),833-844]Toyoda, S., Yoshida, N., Morimoto, S., Aoki, S., Nakazawa, T., Sugawara, S., Ishidoya, S., Uematsu, M., Inai, Y., Hasebe, F., Ikeda, C., Honda, H., and Ishijima, K.

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