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OHNO Susumu
International Research Institute of Disaster Science
Hazard and Risk Evaluation Research Division
Earthquake Engineering
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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Architecture and Building Science

Associate Professor
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    Research Subjects
    • strong-motion prediction(2004-)
    • Strong Motion Observation System and Estimation of Vibration Characteristics of Buildings(1988-)
    • real-time earthquake disaster prevention(2004-)
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    Strong Motion, Inland Earthquake, Seismic Wave Propagation, Real-Time Earthquake Disaster Prevention
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      Activity of Academic Society (Post)
      • 日本建築学会振動運営委員会, 委員(2011-)
      • 日本建築学会地盤震動小委員会, 委員(2004-)
      • 日本建築学会強震観測小委員会, 委員(2013-)
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      2016年台湾・美濃地震災害調査報告書.[ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF JAPAN,(2017)]壁谷澤寿海, 勅使川原正臣,楠浩一,中村聡宏,大野晋ほか

      Earthquake Ground Motion and Strong Motion Prediction - Key items for learning the basics -.[Architectural Institute of Japan,(2016)]山中浩明,大野晋,他

      Report on the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster, Fundamental Aspects1, The Earthquake and Ground Motion.[Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering,(2014)]Susumu Ohno, et al.

      東日本大震災を分析する1 地震・津波のメカニズムと被害の実態.[明石書店,(2013)]大野晋,他

      Preliminary Reconnaissance Report of the 2011 Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake.[Springer,(2012)]Hiroshi Kawase, Masato Motosaka, Susumu Ohno, et al.

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      Original Papers

      Ground Motion Prediction Equation Applicable to Mega Earthquakes Considering Strong-Motion Generation Areas.[Proceedings of 16WCEE,(2017),2685-]Susumu Ohno

      Development of Structural Health Monitoring System combined with Earthquake Early Warning System for Real-time Earthquake Information Navigation.[Proceedings of 16WCEE,(2017),803-]Masato Motosaka, Susumu Ohno, Kazuya Mitsuji, Xin Wang, Tomoki Hatakeyama

      Real-time Strong Motion Network with Structural Monitoring Function in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.[Proceedings of 16WCEE,(2017),1401-]Tsoggerel Tsamba, Masato Motosaka, Susumu Ohno, Dashjamts Dalai, Ninjgarav Enebish, Battulga Batkhuu

      Strong Motion Attenuation Characteristics and Applicability of Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.[Journal of JAEE,16,(2016),4_1-4_10]Susumu Ohno

      Building Damage and Strong-motion Amplitude Relationships Based on the Damage Survey in Sendai for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Japan.[Journal of JAEE,16(3),(2016),3_201-3_212]OHNO Susumu, SHIBAYAMA Akihiro), HAMAOKA Kyota, YOSHIMURA Shingo

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      Review Papers

      Strong Motion Attenuation Characteristics and Applicability of Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.[Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering Journal of Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering,16(4), (2016), 4_2-4_11]Susumu Ohno

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