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  • Layers/paleontology(Paleontology)
  • Layers/paleontology(Organic Geochemistry)
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  • Environmental change spanning mass extinctions(1990-)
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mass extinctions, large evolutions, global warming events, oceanic anoxic events, sulfur isotope, biomarker, carbon isotope, oxygen isotope, foraminifera
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      現代地球科学入門シリーズ15、地球と生命:地球環境と生物圏進化.[共立出版,(2011)]掛川 武・海保邦夫

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      Original Papers

      Benthic foraminiferal dissolved oxygen index and dissolved oxygen levels in the modern ocean.[Geology,22,(1994),719-722]Kaiho, K.

      Global climate change driven by soot at the K-Pg boundary as the cause of the mass extinction.[Scientific Reports,6(28427),(2016)]Kaiho, K., Naga Oshima, Kouji Adachi, Yukimasa Adachi, Takuya Mizukami, Megumu Fujibayashi, Ryosuke Saito

      Catastrophic extinction of planktonic foraminifera at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary evidenced by stable isotopes and foraminiferal abundance at Caravaca, Spain.[Geology,27,(1999),355-358]Kaiho, K. and Lamolda, M. A.

      Effects of soil erosion and anoxic–euxinic ocean in the Permian–Triassic marine crisis.[Heliyon,2(e00137),(2016)]Kaiho, K., Saito, R., Ito, K., Miyaji, T., Biswas, R., Tian, L., Sano, H., Shi, Z., Takahashi, S., Tong, J., Liang, L., Oba, M., Nara, F.W., Tsuchiya, N., Chen, Z.Q.

      Oceanic primary productivity and dissolved oxygen levels at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary* Their decrease,subsequent warming, and recovery.[Paleoceanography,14,(1999),511-524]Kaiho, K., Kajiwara, Y., Tazaki, K., Ueshima, M., Takeda, N., Kawahata, H., Arinobu, T., Ishiwatari, R., Hirai, A., and Lamolda, M. A.

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