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Trans-Regional Cooperation Center for Industrial Materials Research
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Research Fields
  • Structural/functional materials
  • Metallic physical properties(Phase Diagram and Phase Transformation)
  • Material processing/treatment(Joinning and Surface Modification)
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Research Subjects
  • Study of titanium dioxide photocatalysts for environmental purification(2005-)
  • Study of solid state bonding prepared by SPS method(2006-)
  • Study of osseointegration for implant titanium alloy(2013-)
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Microstructure control, Nonferrous metal, Joinning, Photocatalysis
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本金属学会
  • 日本鉄鋼協会
  • Materials Research Society
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本金属学会PRICM4運営委員会, Conference Secretariat of PRICM4(1999-2002)
  • 日本金属学会, 会誌・欧文誌編集委員(2002-2007)
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金属材料の最前線 近未来を拓くキー・テクノロジー.[講談社,(2009)]正橋直哉

金属ハンドブック.[The Japan Institute of Metals,(2004)]「金属データブック」 編集委員会(委員長:早稲田嘉夫)

Fracture and interface of non-ferros materials.[界面ハンドブック,(2001)]Masahashi N

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Original Papers

Atomic Defect Structure of Ni3Al Containing C. B and Be..[Acta metall.,36(7),(1988),1815-1822]MASAHASHI N., TAKASUGI T.,IZUMI O.

Ternary Alloying of Gamma Titanium-Aluminides for Hot-Workability..["High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys IV", ed. L. A. Johnson, D. P. Pope and J・A. Stiegler, Materials Research Society,213,(1990),795-800]N.Masahashi, Y.Mizuhara, M.Matsuo, K.Hashimoto, M.Kimura, T.Hanamura and H.Fujii

Development of Preferrd Orientation in Annealing of Fe-3.25%Si in a High Magnetic Field..[Journal of Materials Research,13(2),(1998),457-461]MASAHASHI N., MATSUO M., WATANABE K.

Degradation of Hydrogen Absorbing Capacity in Cyclically Hydrogenated TiMn2.[Acta Materialia,49(5),(1999),927-935]S. Semboshi, N. Masahashi and S. Hanada

Microstructure and Properties of Iron Aluminum Alloy/CrMo Steel Composite prepared by Clad Rolling.[Journal of Alloys and Compounds,379,(2004),272-279]MASAHASHI N., KOMATSU K., WATANABE S., HANADA S.

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Review Papers

Ni基L12型金属間化合物におけるBの粒界偏析.[日本金属学会 日本金属学会会報,30, (1991), 993-1000]S.Suzuki and N. Masahashi

EBSP法による材料組織解析の現状.[日本金属学会 まてりあ,38, (1999), 871-879]N.Masahashi

SEM-EBSP法を用いた材料組織解析の現状.[日本材料科学会 材料科学,37, (2000), 116-122]N.Masahashi

EBSPの金属材料解析への応用.[TexSEM Laboratories, Inc. 第5回OIM Academy テキスト, (2002)]N.Masahashi

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 超塑性研究会宮川賞(1997)
  • 日本金属学会論文賞(2001)
  • 日本金属学会功績賞(2003)
  • 2003 Honma Memorial Award(2003)
  • 溶接技術奨励賞(2006)
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Activity of External Organization
  • ネオマテリアル創成研究会(2010-2012)
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