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SATO Yoshimichi
Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Human Studies
Behavioral Science
Behavioral Science
Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Academic Degree
Ph. D. in Letters
Master of Arts in Sociology
Research Fields
  • Sociology
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  • Study of Social Change(1982-)
  • Study of Trust(1992-)
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Social Stratification
Academic Society Membership
  • Japan Sociological Society
  • Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
  • American Sociological Association
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    Exploring Inequality-generating Mechanisms: Inequality, Social Stratification, and Fairness.[(2013)]Yoshimichi Sato, Toshiaki Kimura

    ソーシャル・キャピタルと格差社会――幸福の計量社会学.[東京大学出版会,(2014)]辻竜平, 佐藤嘉倫

    Social Exclusion: Perspectives from France and Japan.[Trans Pacific Press,(2012)]Humbert Marc,Yoshimichi Sato

    現代の階層社会1 格差と多様性.[東京大学出版会,(2011)]Yoshimichi Sato,Fumiaki Ojima

    Japan's New Inequality: Intersection of Employment Reforms and Welfare Arrangements.[Trans Pacific Press,(2011)]Yoshimichi Sato, Jun Imai

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    Original Papers

    Stability and Increasing Fluidity in the Contemporary Japanese Social Stratification System.[Contemporary Japan,22(1-2),(2010),7-21]Yoshimichi Sato

    Who supports redistributive policies in contemporary Japan? An integrative approach to self-interest and trust models.[International Sociology,29(4),(2014),302-323]Kikuko Nagayoshi,Yoshimichi Sato

    Regular and Non-Regular Employment as an Additional Duality in Japanese Labor Market: Institutional Perspectives on Career Mobility.[Yoshimichi Sato and Jun Imai (eds.), Japan's New Inequality: Intersection of Employment Reforms and Welfare Arrangements, Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press,(2011),1-31]Jun Imai, Yoshimichi Sato

    Does Mathematical Sociology Contribute to the Progress of Sociology?.[Sociological Theory and Methods,26(2),(2011),243-252]Yoshimichi Sato

    An Empirical Study of Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty from the Perspective of Income Mobility.[Japan Labor Review,5(4),(2008),95-102]Yoshimichi Sato, Takashi Yoshida

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    Review Papers

    International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition.[Elsevier, (2015)]James D. Wright,Douglas S. Massey,Yoshimichi Sato

    Mathematical Sociology in Japan: Its Powerful Development and a Problem.[International Journal of Japanese Sociology,22(1), (2013), 16-31]Yoshimichi Sato

    Rational Choice Theory (Updated).[Sage Sociopedia, (2013)]Yoshimichi Sato

    Social Capital.[Sage Sociopedia, (2013)]Yoshimichi Sato

    私はなぜ貧乏なのか?--社会階層論の根本問題とこれから.[UP,469, (2011), 7-12]佐藤嘉倫

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 第13回日本NPO学会優秀賞(2015)
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