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SATO Yoshimichi
Graduate School of Arts and Letters
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Behavioral Science
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Ph. D. in Letters
Master of Arts in Sociology
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  • Sociology
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  • Study of Social Change(1982-)
  • Study of Trust(1992-)
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Social Stratification
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  • Japan Sociological Society
  • Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
  • American Sociological Association
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    Exploring Inequality-generating Mechanisms: Inequality, Social Stratification, and Fairness.[(2013)]Yoshimichi Sato, Toshiaki Kimura

    ソーシャル・キャピタルと格差社会――幸福の計量社会学.[東京大学出版会,(2014)]辻竜平, 佐藤嘉倫

    Social Exclusion: Perspectives from France and Japan.[Trans Pacific Press,(2012)]Humbert Marc,Yoshimichi Sato

    現代の階層社会1 格差と多様性.[東京大学出版会,(2011)]Yoshimichi Sato,Fumiaki Ojima

    Japan's New Inequality: Intersection of Employment Reforms and Welfare Arrangements.[Trans Pacific Press,(2011)]Yoshimichi Sato, Jun Imai

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    Original Papers

    Stability and Increasing Fluidity in the Contemporary Japanese Social Stratification System.[Contemporary Japan,22(1-2),(2010),7-21]Yoshimichi Sato

    Who supports redistributive policies in contemporary Japan? An integrative approach to self-interest and trust models.[International Sociology,29(4),(2014),302-323]Kikuko Nagayoshi,Yoshimichi Sato

    Regular and Non-Regular Employment as an Additional Duality in Japanese Labor Market: Institutional Perspectives on Career Mobility.[Yoshimichi Sato and Jun Imai (eds.), Japan's New Inequality: Intersection of Employment Reforms and Welfare Arrangements, Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press,(2011),1-31]Jun Imai, Yoshimichi Sato

    Does Mathematical Sociology Contribute to the Progress of Sociology?.[Sociological Theory and Methods,26(2),(2011),243-252]Yoshimichi Sato

    An Empirical Study of Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty from the Perspective of Income Mobility.[Japan Labor Review,5(4),(2008),95-102]Yoshimichi Sato, Takashi Yoshida

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    Review Papers

    International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition.[Elsevier, (2015)]James D. Wright,Douglas S. Massey,Yoshimichi Sato

    Mathematical Sociology in Japan: Its Powerful Development and a Problem.[International Journal of Japanese Sociology,22(1), (2013), 16-31]Yoshimichi Sato

    Rational Choice Theory (Updated).[Sage Sociopedia, (2013)]Yoshimichi Sato

    Social Capital.[Sage Sociopedia, (2013)]Yoshimichi Sato

    私はなぜ貧乏なのか?--社会階層論の根本問題とこれから.[UP,469, (2011), 7-12]佐藤嘉倫

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 第13回日本NPO学会優秀賞(2015)
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