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ITOH Masatoshi
Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center
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    Nuclear Physics
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        Original Papers

        Candidate for the 2+ excited Hoyle state at Ex ∼ 10 MeV in 12C.[Physical Review C,84(5),(2011),054308-1-054308-6]M.Itoh, H.Akimune, M.Fujiwara, U.Garg, N.Hashimoto, T.Kawabata, K.Kawase, S.Kishi, T.Murakami, K.Nakanishi, Y.Nakatsugawa, B.K.Nayak, S.Okumura, H.Sakaguchi, H.Takeda, S.Terashima, M.Uchida, Y.Yasuda, M.Yosoi, J.Zenihiro

        Futher Improvement of the Upper Limit on the Direct 3α Decay from the Hoyle state in 12C.[Physical Review Letters,113,(2014),102501-]M. Itoh et al.

        Consistent analysis of the 2+ excitation of the 12C Hoyle state populated in proton and α-particle inelastic scattering.[Physical Review C,86(3),(2012),034320-1-034320-6]M. Freer, M. Itoh, T. Kawabata, H. Fujita, H. Akimune, Z. Buthelezi, J. Carter, R. W. Fearick, S. V. Förtsch6, M. Fujiwara, U. Garg, N. Hashimoto, K. Kawase, S. Kishi, T. Murakami, K. Nakanishi, Y. Nakatsugawa, B. K. Nayak, R. Neveling, S. Okumura, S. M. Perez, P. Papka, H. Sakaguchi, Y. Sasamoto, F. D. Smit, J. A. Swartz, H. Takeda, S. Terashima, M. Uchida, I. Usman, Y. Yasuda, M. Yosoi, and J. Zenihiro

        Isoscalar giant resonances strengths in S-32 and possible exciation of superdeformed and Si-28 + alpha cluster bandheads.[Physical Review C,88,(2013),064313-]M.Itoh et al.

        Excitation of giant monopole resonance in 208Pb and 116Sn using inelastic deuteron scattering.[Physics Letters B,735,(2014),387-]D.Patel, U.Garg, M.Itoh, et al.

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        Review Papers

        Hoyle state in 12C and the alpha condensation.[Maruzen Publishing Co., LTd. Parity,27(12), (2012), 40-43]Masatoshi ITOH

        Nuclear compressibility and giant resonances.[61(3), (2006), 165-171]Masatoshi Itoh, Makoto Uchida, Harutaka Sakaguchi

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