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ITO Akinori
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Communications Engineering
Intelligent Communication Network Engineering
Intelligent Communication Network
Academic Degree
Dr. Eng.
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    Research Subjects
    • Development of spoken dialog systems(2002-)
    • Development of a CALL system using speech recognition technology(2004-)
    • Development of Speech Recognition System(2002-)
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    speech recognition, speech processing, natural language processing, music information processing
    Academic Society Membership
    • 日本音響学会
    • 電子情報通信学会
    • 情報処理学会
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      音響学入門.[(2010)]鈴木陽一, 赤木正人, 伊藤彰則, 佐藤洋, 苣木禎史, 中村健太郎

      IT Text Speech Recognition System.[Ohmsha,(2001)]Kiyohiro Shikano,Katsunobu Itoh,Tatsuya Kawahara,Kazuya Takeda,Mikio Yamamoto

      Recent Research towards Advanced Man-Machine Interface through Spoken Language.[Elsevier,(1996)]Shozo Makino,Akinori Ito,Mitsuru Endo,Ken'iti Kido

      Spoken Language Systems.[Ohmsha/IOS Press,(2005)]Seiichi Nakagawa, Michio Okada, Tatsuya Kawahara (Eds.)

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      Original Papers

      A New Segment Quantization Using Lempel-Ziv Algorithm and Its Application to Quantization of Line Spectral Frequencies.[IEEE Trans. Communication,55(4),(2007),661-664]Minoru Kohata, Motoyuki Suzuki, Akinori Ito, Shozo Makino

      Pronunciation error detection for computer-assisted language learning system based on error rule clustering using a decision tree.[Acoustical Science and Technology,28(2),(2007),131-133]Akinori Ito, Yen-Ling Lim, Motoyuki Suzuki, Shozo Makino

      Music Information Retrieval from a Singing Voice Using Lyrics and Melody Information.[EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing,(2007)]Motoyuki Suzuki, Toru Hosoya, Akinori Ito, Shozo Makino

      An Effective Music Information Retrieval Method Using Three-dimensional Continuous DP.[IEEE Trans. Multimedia,8(3),(2006),633-639]Sung-Phil Heo, Motoyuki Suzuki, Akinori Ito, Shozo Makino

      Automatic detection of English mispronunciation using speaker adaptation and automatic assessment of English Intonation and rhythm.[Educational Technology Research,29,(2006),13-23]Akinori Ito, Tadao Nagasawa, Hirokazu Ogasawara, Motoyuki Suzuki, Shozo Makino

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