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      MEMS, Micromachining, adhesion, Oxide devices
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        Integration of BST varactors with surface acoustic wave device by film transfer technology for tunable RF filters.[Journal of Micromechanics and Microenginering,23,(2013),025001-]H. Hirano, T. Kimura, I. P. Koutsaroff, M. Kadota, K. Hashimoto, M. Esashi and S. Tanaka

        Wafer-level hermetic thermo-compression bonding using electroplated gold sealing frame planarized by fly-cutting.[Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering,27,(2017),015029-]S. M. Al Farisi, H. Hirano, J. Frömel and S. Tanaka

        Damage-Free Ultra-Diluted HF/Nitrogen Jet Spray Cleaning for Particle Removal with Minimal Silicon and Oxide Loss.[Electochemical and solid-state letters,9(2),(2006),G62-G65]Hideki Hirano, Ko Sato, Tsutomu Osaka, Hitoshi Kuniyasu, Takeshi Hattor

        Mechanisms of the various nitric oxide reduction reactions on a platinum-rhodium (100) alloy single crystal surface.[Surface Science,262,(1992),97-112]Hideki Hirano, Taro Yamada, Ken-ichi Tanaka, Jacobus Siera, Paul D. Cobden, Ben E. Nieuwenhuys

        A reason for the structure-insensitive catalytic activity of Ni(100) and Ni(111) surfaces for the methanation reaction of CO.[Journal of Catalysis,133,(1992),461-466]Hideki Hirano, Ken-ichi Tanaka

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