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FUYUKI Katsuhito
Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Biological Resource Sciences
Department of Resource and Environment Economics
International Development Studies
Assigned Class
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of International Environment and Resources Policy

Associate Professor
Date of Birth
Academic Degree
Doctor of Agricultural Science
Master of Economics
Research Fields
  • Agronomy
  • Economic policy
  • Commerce
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Research Subjects
  • Study on Rice Distribution and Food Policy in Japan.(1990-)
  • Study on Relation between Agribusiness and U. S. Agricultural Policy.(1987-)
  • Study on Transnational Corporations in Agribusiness and World Food Problem.(1987-)
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Rice Distribution,Agribusiness,Food Policy,Agricultural Policy
Academic Society Membership
  • The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan
  • The Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan
  • The Farm Management Society of Japan
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • The Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan, 理事(1996-)
  • The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan, 論文審査委員(1998-)
  • The Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan, 論文審査委員(1998-)
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Rice Business under Globalization.[日本経済評論社,(2003)]Katsuhito Fuyuki

Foods and Agribusiness.[Yuhikaku Corp.,(2004)]Katsuhito Fuyuki

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Original Papers

Agricultural Recovery Efforts in Tsunami-Damaged Areas: Case Studies.[THE GREAT EASTERN JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 11 MARCH 2011 – LESSONS LEARNED AND RESEARCH QUESTIONS,(2014),46-51]Katsuhito Fuyuki


Evaluation of Indonesia’s Rice Program: Comparative Analysis of Budget Efficiency using Provincial Data.[JOURNAL OF FARM MANAGEMENT ECONOMICS,(48),(2017),24-39]Debby DAYUSITA, Katsuhito FUYUKI

Food Safety and Consumer Behavior in India and Japan: Comparative Literature Review.[JOURNAL OF FARM MANAGEMENT ECONOMICS,(48),(2017),84-96]Rajaram DHIVYA, Nina TAKASHINO, Katsuhito FUYUKI

CSR and Environmental Security: Evidence from Tin Mining in West Bangka District, Indonesia.[JOURNAL OF FARM MANAGEMENT ECONOMICS,(48),(2017),52-64]Asti Amelia NOVITA, Katsuhito FUYUKI

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Review Papers

地域農業・家族経営の力を発揮して「農政改革」をはね返そう.[全国農民運動連合会 農民,(71), (2015), 12-19]冬木勝仁

新たな米政策の下で安定的取引は可能か-行政の責任による需給の安定こそが前提になる-価格低下もたらす出荷業者の売り急ぎ.[北海道協同組合通信社 ニューカントリー,62(7), (2015), 22-25]冬木勝仁

米の安定取引に向けた課題-買い手側に立つ農水省報告-.[全国農業会議所 全国農業新聞,(2923), (2015), 3]冬木勝仁

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • Award of the Agricultural Marketing Society of Japan(2004)
  • 日本農業市場学会奨励賞(川村・美土路賞)(1996)
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