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KIGUCHI Takanori
Institute for Materials Research
Materials Science of Non-Stoichiometric Compounds
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Science

Associate Professor
Academic Degree
Bachelor (Engineering)
Research Fields
  • Inorganic material/physical properties
  • Structural/functional materials
  • Applied physical properties/crystal engineering
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Research Subjects
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    Transmission Electron Microscopy,Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy,oxide,semiconductor,dielectrics,Mg alloy,LPSO,thin film,ceramics
    Academic Society Membership
    • The Japanese Society of Microscopy
    • The Ceramic Society of Japan
    • Japan Institute of Metals
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    Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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      LPSO型マグネシウム合金の材料科学.[日経BPコンサルティング,(2018)]木口 賢紀

      XAFS/EELSによる 局所構造解析 テクニック.[情報機構,(2014)]木口賢紀 他

      注目の誘電体セラミックス材料(2) 強誘電体薄膜の合成とデバイス開発.[tic,(2014)]脇谷尚樹,篠崎和夫,木口賢紀,山田智明,水谷惟恭

      EMC2008 Volume 1 Instrumentation and Methods.[Springer,(2008)]T. Kiguchi, N. Wakiya, K. Shinozaki and T.J. Konno

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      Original Papers

      Strain-induced nanostructure of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3 on SrTiO3 epitaxial thin films with low PbTiO3 concentration.[Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,56,(2017),10PB12-1-10PB12-7]Takanori Kiguchi, Cangyu Fan, Takahisa Shiraishi, and Toyohiko J. Konno

      Solid State Epitaxy of (Hf,Zr)O2 Thin Films with Orthorhombic Phase.[Journal of Ceramics Society Japan,124(6),(2016),689-693]Takanori Kiguchi, Shogo Nakamura, Akihiro Akama, Takahisa Shiraishi, and Toyohiko J. Konno

      Effect of Ti concentration on the growth of chemically-ordered regions of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 epitaxial thin films.[Journal of the Ceramics Society Jpan,123(7),(2015),565-569]C. Fan, T. Kiguchi, A. Akama, and T.J. Konno

      Structural and Compositional Modulation in Transformation of LPSO Structure in Mg97Zn1Y2 Cast Alloys.[Materials Transation,54(5),(2013),668-674]Takanori Kiguchi, Yu Ninomiya, Kensuke Shimmi, Kazuhisa Sato, and Toyohiko J. Konno

      Ferroelectric Domain Configuration and Local Elastic Interaction with Misfit Dislocation in PbTiO3/SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin Film.[Science and Technology of Advanced Materials,12(3),(2011),034413-1-034413-9]Takanori Kiguchi, Kenta Aoyagi, Yoshitaka Ehara, Hiroshi Funakubo, Tomoaki Yamada, Noritaka Usami, and Toyohiko J. Konno

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      Review Papers

      整合界面をもつ強誘電体薄膜のドメイン構造形成に及ぼす局所弾性場の影響.[Materia,57(3), (2018), 97-105]KIGUCHI Takanori, Hiroshi Funakubo, Toyohiko J. Konno

      Elastic interaction between 90° domains and coherent interface in ferroelectric thin film.[Japan Institute of Metals Materia Japan,55(12), (2016), 585]Takanori Kiguchi, Kenta Aoyagi, Takahisa Shiraishi, Hiroshi Funakubo, and Toyohiko J. Konno

      Effect of the focal depth of aberration-corrected STEM on the Z-contrast of Structure Units of Mg-Zn-Gd alloys.[Japan Institute of Metals Materia Japan,55(12), (2016), 614]Takanori Kiguchi, Toyohiko J. Konno, Kazuhisa Sato

      Microstructure Formation Mechanism of Long Period Stacking Ordered Structure in Mg Alloys.[Kagaku Kogyosha Inc Chemical Inductry,67(5), (2016), 64-68]Takanori Kiguchi , Kazuhisa Sato, Toyohiko J. Konno

      Science of Ceramics Buffer Layer.[Kougyoseihingijutsukyokai Ceramic Databook,33(87), (2005), 43-49]Takanori Kiguchi, Tomoaki Yamada, and Nobuyasu Mizutani

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      Honours, Awards and Prizes
      • Ceramographic Award of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 2016(2016)
      • 日本金属学会 第62回論文賞 組織部門(2014)
      • Konica Minolta Imaging Science Award(2011)
      • 日本顕微鏡学会第10回奨励賞(2009)
      • CerSJ Awards for advancements in ceramic science and technology(2004)
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