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  • 応用物理学会プログラム編集委員会, 編集委員(2009-)
  • 応用物理学会ナノカーボン分科会, 世話人(2009-)
  • 電気化学会東北支部, 事務幹事(2007-2008)
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グラフェンを用いた半導体素子の開発と将来展望 (Electronic Jrounal Archive No. 438).[電子ジャーナル,(2012)]末光眞希

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Original Papers

Epitaxial Graphene on Si Substrates.[Journal of Physics D,43,(2010),374012-][M. Suemitsu], [H. Fukidome]

Soft X-ray spectromicroscopic study on graphene toward device applications.[SPring-8 Research Frontiers 2013,2013(1),(2014)]Hirokazu Fukidome, Kotsugi Masato, Hiroki Hibino

Operando Analysis of Field-Effect of Graphene Transistors.[EMN Phuket Meeting,(2015)]Hirokazu Fukidome

Precise control of epitaxy of graphene by microfabricating SiC substrate.[Applied Physics Letters,101,(2012),041605-1-041605-4]Hirokazu Fukidome, Yusuke Kawai, Felix Fromm, Masato Kotsugi, Hiroyuki Handa, Takayuki Ide, Takuo Ohkouchi, Hidetoshi Miyashita, Yoshiharu Enta, Toyohiko Kinoshita, Thomas Seyller, and Maki Suemitsu

Correlation between the residual stress in 3C-SiC/Si epifilm and the quality of epitaxial graphene formed thereon.[IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering,79,(2015),12004-1-12004-7]R Bantaculo, H Fukidome and M Suemitsu

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Review Papers

Preparation of super high-quality of graphene by using substrate microfabrication.[技術情報協会 Material State,13(3), (2013), 23-26]H. Fukidome

グラフェンの超高速電子状態を直接観測.[光アライアンス,26, (2015), 31-35]Hirokazu Fukidome

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • Japanese Surface Soceity Paper Award(2011)
  • eJSSNT Paper of The Year 2009(2010)
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