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NAGAI Hiroki
Institute of Fluid Science
Creative Flow Research Division
Spacecraft Thermal and Fluids Systems Laboratory
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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Fluid Engineering
Spacecraft Thermal and Fluids Systems

Research Fields
  • Aerospace engineering(Aerospace Engineering)
  • Thermal engineering
  • Fluidics
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Mars Air Plane, Pressure-Sensitive Paint, Thermofluid dynamics, Spacecraft Thermal control, Superfluid, Cryogenics
Academic Society Membership
  • Aeronautical and Space Sciences Japan
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
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    Original Papers

    Operational Characteristics of the Oscillating Heat Pipe with Non-Condensable Gas.[Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer,29(3),(2015),563-571]Daimaru, T., Nagai, H.
    10.2514/1.T4461 2015

    Development of Aerodynamic Heating Measurement Technique Using Temperaturesensitive Paint in Hypersonic Flow.[The 14th International Symposium on Flow Visualization,(2010)]Ha, S., Sawamura, R., Nagai, H., Asai, K.

    Measuring Unsteady Low-Speed Flow Phenomena by Using a Time-Series Analysis of Pressure-Sensitive Paint Images.[The 14th International Symposium on Flow Visualization,(2010)]Yorita, D., Numata, D., Nagai, H., Asai, K.

    Visualization of a Three-Dimensional Shock-Wave Structures in a Supersonic Busemann Biplane by Sharp Focusing Schlieren System and PSP Measurement.[The 14th International Symposium on Flow Visualization,(2010)]Hagiwara, M., Nagai, H., Numata, D., Asai, K.

    Imaging Measurement of Skin Friction Field around Bluff Body Using Luminescent Oil Film Technique.[The 14th International Symposium on Flow Visualization,(2010)]Kakuta, T., Koyama, A., Yorita, D., Numata, D., Nagai, H., Asai, K., Woodiga, S.A., Liu, T.

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