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KONOKI Keiichi
Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Bioscience and Biotechnology for Future Bioindustries
Department of Applied Bioorganic Chemistry
Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry of Natural Products
Associate Professor
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    Research Subjects
    • Screening of an enzyme that transforms the diarrhetic shell fish poisoning toxins into 7-O-acylated derivative, from the Patinopecten yessoensis(2010-)
    • Structure and function of okadaic acid-binding protein(1997-)
    • Studies on Interaction of natural products with ion channels(1993-)
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    Academic Society Membership
    • 日本農芸化学会
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    Activity of Academic Society (Post)
    • 日本農芸化学会平成25年度仙台大会, 大会実行委員(2012-2013)
    • 日本農芸化学会東北支部, 副支部長(2013-2015)
    • 日本農芸化学会東北支部2013年度第一回参与会, 副支部長(2013)
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    Sorrel Organic Chemistry.[Tokyo Kagaku Dozin CO., LTD,(2009)]Masami Ishibashi, Hideo Kigoshi, Makoto Sasaki, Michio Murata

    Marine Natural Product Chemistry.[Industrial Publishing & Consulting, Inc.,(2008)]Shosuke Yamamura, Koji Hasegawa, Hideo Kigoshi

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    Original Papers

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    Review Papers

    日本農芸化学会大会学会見聞録.[一般財団法人 バイオインダストリー協会 バイオサイエンスとインダストリー,68(4), (2010), 263-264]七谷 圭、新谷尚弘、後藤知子、白川 仁、都築 毅、榎本 賢、此木敬一、小関卓也、日出間 志寿、稲葉 靖子、宮内啓介、矢部富雄

    Mystery of organism storing poisonous secondary metabolite. Discovery of Halichondria okadai-derived novel okadaic acid-biding protein.[学会出版センター 化学と生物,47(6), (2009), 376-378]Keiichi Konoki

    赤潮毒蔓延域に生息するオオノガイに見つかった耐性機構.[化学と生物,44(10), (2006), 716-721]此木敬一

    Visiting Foreign Scientific Laboratories 19 - Welcome to Catterall Lab.[Kagaku-Dojin Publishing Company,INC Chemistry (Monthly Periodical),61, (2006), 32-35]Keiichi Konoki

    Chemical structure of endogenous oubain.[Chemical Society of Japan Chemistry and Chemical Industry,53(6), (2000), 706]Keiichi Konoki

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 平成25年度日本農芸化学会東北支部奨励賞(2013)
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