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International Education & Research Center for Food & Agricultural Immunology, Food Evaluation Unit
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      Mitochondria, Energy metabolism, Free radical generation, ATP synthesis, Environmental stress, Proteolysis, Feed additives, Polyphenols
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      • 日本家禽学会
      • 日本畜産学会
      • 東北畜産学会
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        日本飼養標準 家禽(2011年度版).[中央畜産会出版,(2012)]阿部啓之, 池谷守司他26名(本人含む)

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        Original Papers

        Differential effects of heat stress on oxidative status of skeletal muscle with different muscle fibre compositions in broiler chicken.[Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences,(2019)]Kikusato M, Toyomizu M

        Characterization of mitochondrial content and respiratory capacities of broiler chicken skeletal muscles with different muscle fiber compositions.[The Journal of Poultry Science,55(3),(2018)]Hakamata Y, Watanabe K, Amo T, Toyomizu M, Kikusato, M

        Selection for high and low oxygen consumption-induced differences in maintenance energy requirements of mice.[Animal Science Journal,(2016)]Darhan H, Kikusato M, Toyomizu M, Roh SG, Katoh K, Sato M, Suzuki, K

        Roles of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and reactive oxygen species generation in the metabolic modification of avian skeletal muscle.[Proceedings of Japan Society of Animal Nutrition and Metabolism,60,(2016),57-68]Kikusato M, Furukawa K, Kamizono T, Hakamata Y, Toyomizu M

        Mitochonic acid 5 (MA-5) facilitates ATP synthase oligomerization and cell survivalin various mitochondrial diseases.[EBioMedicine,20,(2017),27-38]2. Matsuhashi, T., Sato, T., Kanno, S., Suzuki, T., Matsuo, A., Oba, Y., Kikusato, M., Ogasawara, E., Kudo, T., Suzuki, K., Ohara, O., Shimbo, H., Nanto, F., Yamaguchi H, Saigusa D, Mukaiyama Y, Watabe A, Kikuchi K, Shima H, Mishima E, Akiyama Y, Oikawa Y, Hsin-Jung HO, Akiyama Y, Suzuki C, Uematsu M, Ogata M, Kumagai N, Toyomizu M, Hozawa A, Mano N, Owada Y, Aiba S, Yanagisawa T, Tomioka Y, Kure S, Ito S, Nakada K, Hayashi K, Osaka H, Abe T

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        Review Papers

        培養骨格筋細胞を用いた家禽の暑熱ストレス発生機序の解明 -活性酸素の過剰産生が体タンパク質分解亢進に及ぼす影響̶-.[家畜栄養生理研究会報,58, (2014), 53-63]喜久里基, 吉田隼巳, 古川恭平, 神園巴美, 豊水正昭

        Heat stress-induced muscle proteolytic mechanism and the nutritional regulation in broiler chickens.[家畜栄養生理研究会報,63(1), (2019), 43-53]古川恭平, 喜久里基, 豊水正昭

        急性暑熱にともなう鶏骨格筋におけるROS過剰産生機構の解明 -バイオエナジェティクスの観点からのアプローチ-.[家畜栄養生理研究会報,54, (2010), 57-66]喜久里基,豊水正昭

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        Honours, Awards and Prizes
        • Young Investigator Awards, 5th SFRR-Asia/8th ASMRM/11th J-mit International Conference(2011)
        • 日本家禽学会2010年度春季学術大会 優秀発表賞(2010)
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