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Graduate School of Information Sciences
Department of Applied Information Sciences
Applied Informatics for Human and Life Science
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Research Fields
  • Biomedical engineering/biological material studies
  • General neuroscience
  • Measurement engineering(Electronic Measurements)
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Research Subjects
  • Development of brain-machine interface system(2005-)
  • Modeling and simulation of biological systems(2003-)
  • Simulation Study on Deep Brain Stimulation(2009-)
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neuron, biological system model, brain-machine interface, deep brain stimulation
Academic Society Membership
  • IEEE
  • 日本生体医工学会
  • 日本神経科学学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 計測自動制御学会・生体生理工学部会, 運営委員(2004-)
  • 電子情報通信学会, 東北支部庶務幹事(2005-2007)
  • 電子情報通信学会 小中高生科学教室委員会, 委員(2006-2009)
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Brainware, Bio-Inspired Architecture and its Hardware Implementation.[World Scientific,(2001)]Norihiro Katayama, Mitsuyuki Nakao, Mitsuaki Yamamoto

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep : Regulation and Function.[Cambridge University Press,(2011)]A. Karashima, Y. Tamakawa, Y. Koyama, N. Katayama, M. Nakao

Trends in Chronobiology Research.[Nova Science Publishers,(2005)]M. Nakao, K. Yamamoto, K. Honma, S. Hashimoto, S. Honma, N. Katayama

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Original Papers

Dynamics of a hybrid system of a brain neural network and an artificial nonlinear oscillator.[Biosystems,58,(2000),249-257]N. Katayama, M. Nakao, H. Saitoh, M. Yamamoto

Improvement of diameter selectivity in nerve recruitment using multi-cuff electrodes.[Advanced Biomedical Engineering,1,(2012),36-42]Ayako Ueno, Norihiro Katayama, Akihiro Karashima, Mitsuyuki Nakao

Correlation between green autofluorescence and spontaneous electroencephalogram in the cerebral cortex of urethane anesthetized mice.[SICETR,50(8),(2014),602-607]Norihiro Katayama. Daiki Nakagawa, Ayako Ueno, Akihiro Karashima, Mitsuyuki Nakao

Targeted subcortical nerve recruitment by controlling waveform of electrical stimulation for MRI-guided surgical ablation.[Advanced Biomedical Engineering,3,(2014),139-146]Ayako Ueno, Norihiro Katayama, Akihiro Karashima, Mitsuyuki Nakao

Performance evaluation of light source noise reduction algorithm based on independent component analysis for optical intrinsic signal data.[SJMBE,53(6),(2015),328-335]Yuto Yoshida, Daiki Nakagawa, Akihiro Karashima, Mitsuyuki Nakao, Norihiro Katayama

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Review Papers

Fluctuations and synchronizations of neural activities during sleep: Neural basis of possible sleep functions?.[Sleep & Biol. Rhythms,4(1), (2006), 44-54]Mitsuyuki NAKAO, Akihiro KARASHIMA, Naoko IWASAKI, Norihiro KATAYAMA, Mitsuaki YAMAMOTO

Functions of hippocampus during REM sleep.[Medical Review Brain Medical,18(1), (2006), 80-86]Akihiro Karashima, Norihiro Katayama, Mitsuyuki Nakao

ノイズ解析を用いた新しいハイスループット電気生理測定法.[日本薬理学雑誌,126, (2005), 335-340]吉田卓史, 片山統裕, 中谷将也, 小島正敏, 慈幸秀保, 森泰生, 竹谷誠

ブラインド信号分離技術のてんかん脳波解析への応用.[日本エム・イー学会誌,16(5), (2002), 38-45]中尾光之, 佐藤大輔, 大槻泰介, 片山統裕, 山本光璋

生体リズム機構のモデリング.[計測と制御,41(10), (2002), 733-739]中尾光之, 山本啓介, 片山統裕, 山本光璋

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本生体医工学会論文賞・阪本賞(2015)
  • 日本睡眠学会第39回学術集会ベストプレゼンテーション賞(2014)
  • 生体医工学シンポジウム2011(JBMES2011)ベストリサーチアワード(2011)
  • Excellent Presentation Award(2010)
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